So the timer has reached 00 days and nothing has happened!

Screw you Bethesda. NMA was correct - you can’t do anything right!

It wasn’t revealed that the countdown was about a trailer?

You missed it - the countdown was for the Rapture.

Guess you didn’t get picked up either, huh?

Please Stand By…

What was that rule about not posting your loading screen when hyping a game?

That’s it! LOL!

Since the main site is having problems now, they said you could see it here:


Get it?!

Yea but who will admit to not being able to stop watching it for some strange reason.

I never mind it, because there is something hypnotic about the extra hand waving/hip roll he adds to the basic white man clap your hands and move your hips.

His voice is way too deep for what he looks like. He should have a high squeeky stereotypical nerd voice.


Can we not bring that stupid meme here, thanks.

When did Rick Astley get so young?

Do you remember Rick Astley?
He had a big fat hit that was ghastly.
He said I’m never gonna give you up or let you down.
Well I’m here to tell ya that Dick’s a clown
Though he was just a boy when he made that vow.
I’d bet it all that he knows by now.

All Men, all Men are liars
Their words ain’t worth no more than worn out tires.
Hey Girls, bring rusty pliers to pull this tooth,
All men are liars and that’s the truth.

It’ll be up later today, apparently.

If kathode is reading this, I’d pay him like $20 to rickroll the fanbase with this teaser. Make it happen!

$20? I’ll throw in $100!

There’s already like 40 locked rickrolls laready, Ben. If you really want to troll them you should maybe suggest the game will be good.