Hug a headcrab today!

Soft plush headcrabs

I’m thinking of buying one, and putting it next to my plush Cthulu, and my plush AIDS virus, and complete the evil plush collection.

Kewl! :}

Pretty tempting.

It looks disturbing on its back…

1/4 size. I want one full size so I can wear it on my head. Paging Dr. Sparky for a weird but cool craft project.

Agreed, this is cool, but a total missed opportunity at 1/4 size.

A soft plush Sparky??

I think Sparky is a bit too tall to wear on your head in 1/1 scale. I mean, you’d fall over. Or at least incur serious neck strain and have a difficult time walking through doors.

I’d have bought one of these, but they want more for shipping to canada than the toy itself costs.

If they bundle this with a fleshlight they’ll have one more purchase right here.

Yeah, I want one, but the 1/4 size is disappointing. Full size and I wouldn’t hesitate.

Wow, that totally changes my mental image of “head” crab.

Headcrab enroute to spouse. Let’s just say I doubt this surprise will be as pleasant as the import Cactuar was…thanks for the tip.

I’m afraid you would sustain severe and debilitating spinal injuries. As I told the last unfortunate who tried to pick me up, “I’m a lot denser than I look”.
Must be the adamantium endoskeleton…it’s certainly not ALL THE DONUTS I EAT WHILE SITTING AROUND POSTING ON FORUMS.

Actually, I had started working on a crocheted headcrab hat (akin to my Flying Spaghetti Monster hat). But I thought the headcrab trend was waning, and got sidetracked into crocheting adowable widdle Cthulhu for the children of unwary friends. I’ll get back to it, though, if only so that Yuri can have a headcrab to keep him warm this winter.

I’d Totally buy one of those…

Nostalgia time.

heads back to Half Life 2, on his 360. Again.

Must be the adamantium endoskeleton…

Holy cats I hope you never meet Cleve

same here. At that price it should full size anyhow. I’d definitely grab one if it was.

nothing beats a working knitted katamari