Huh? King's new doorstop 9$ hardcover?

I think $9 is the only way they could get me to buy Sanderson’s upcoming Wheel of Time book new and in hardback. Otherwise it’ll be a wait until I find it at Half Price Books or in paperback.

Town under a mysterious dome kind of sounds like the plot of the comic series Girls. I doubt it will have people being impaled by a giant sperm though.

While I’ve enjoyed several of his short story collections released in the 2000’s (and one particular novella in Hearts in Atlantis) I have also been left wanting with several of his full length novels, that is until Duma Key.

I wasn’t expecting much from that story because (after reading previews) I half-suspected it would be a Patrick Danville tale (a guy from Insomnia and the 7th Dark Tower book), but in the end it proved to me that King has still got it.

Duma Key re-ignited my interest in King stories and I’ve been reading and re-reading a lot from his back catalog ever since. If you haven’t read it you might like it, for me it was a return to form for King.

I’ve heard the story compared to The Simpsons Movie, a comparison which King addressed and disclaimed on the front page of his site a month or so ago. As for me I could swear I saw a similar plot device used in a 90’s episode of The Outer Limits.

Although the dome aspect may or may not be a popular plot device (there are several science fiction stories that use stuff like this for societies on other worlds as an example) I’m sure the dome itself isn’t supposed to be what makes or breaks the story, but the going-ons of the people inside and outside of it.

I’m not going to stop watching post-apocalyptic movies just because Mad Max did it all in the 80’s. Stephen King has done werewolf, vampire, zombie, haunted house/room/hotel stories so I don’t think new plot devices is what he strictly aims for.

Aha! That’s what it was reminding me of. Thank you.

A Feasibility Study?

I was going to say, I’ve seen this as a movie or TV show at some point in the past.
Just couldn’t remember where.

I’m fairly certain I’m not the only person who prefers physical books (over DRM-encumbered ebook rentals, at least), and who dislikes hardcovers. (Hardcovers are too damned large; give me a paperback any day.)

Having read the synopis in the OP’s link, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that…

The newspaper owner is an alien who encased the town to keep her brother Gordon from escaping.

What the ‘town under a dome’ thing reminds me of is a Twilight Zone episode from the 80s version. Shelter Skelter, pretty cool episode and it even had Joan Allen(I’m a fan)!

That series, when Harlan Ellison was running it, was pretty damn good by the way. I recommend checking it out if you can. Stephen King even had his story Gramma adapted into an episode.

Spend a few weeks with an ebook reader and come check back in. :)

Is the novel you guys are thinking of Happy Policeman? Because if it isn’t, you should totally read that book, it’s excellent. Patricia Anthony is an awesome SF author who suffers from her books’ proximity to Piers and his million fucking books of creepy gibberish.

yeah, paperbacks are easier for me to read with one hand since they’re smaller. and i can treat it like crap without feeling guilty.

how about The Green Mile? Those were all release in paperback serially.

The problem there was that each book was not a complete story. The whole “serial” thing confused people. Again, being is paperback wasn’t what hurt the book’s sales.

I just got notified by Amazon via email that my copy of “Under the Dome” has officially been shipped to me. I didn’t think it came out until next week.

This book is not $9 on Boo, I say. Boo.

Well, deforestation in Kelowna has led to the devaluation of the beaver pelt, as the currency’s natural habitat is plowed under for luxury condominiums, so what do you expect? You’d be lucky to find a hardcover going for less than two elk antlers and a scrimshaw carving of Stockwell Day, these days.

There was an old (ish? I’d have to guess 70s. Maybe early 80s) horror movie that featured strangers trapped in a “domed” town. They do meet the other inhabitants occasionally, and the other inhabitants are acting strangely. I can’t recall if I am remembering the proper ending or not.

What I remember was a full length movie and not a twilightzone/et al episode.

It’s 17.50 on .com right now.

Today was totally preorder day! I’ve got this, Up on Blu-Ray, and MW2 all sitting on my porch waiting for me to get home and I’m at work until 9pm!

Woe is me!