Hulk Smash!

The game that is. Any impressions on it?

— Alan

Don’t know if it helps but I just played the demo version for Gamecube. Loved the graphics, really subtle cell shading looks cool. Controls are nice too really responsive. I only got to play as Hulk, but it was great fun smashing things, there is a ‘z targetting’ system, but since it locks onto people as well destructable/throwable objects it isn’t much help,
It was fantastic fun watching puny men rappell down to the ground where I could pick them up and throw them into the helicopter. The camera stays on the ground but you hear a nice ‘thunk’ and a second later the guy spins to the ground. Hilarious!
The cam can be a bit wonky on the parts I played, it’s fixed position unless it switches to a cinematic hit. There are also supposed to be sneaky parts with Banner, but I didn’t get to those.
DAMN this cash flow trouble, I’d pick this up in a heartbeat.

The Ziff collective is digging it so far. If that means anything to ya.

Could you throw them through the blades? Cause that would be awesome.

Well no, you see the camera is fixed to the ground so you never actually see the guy hit the helicopter. If you use the ‘z targetting’ right below the helicopter and throw the guy he’ll go up, you’ll here a metallic thunk as he bounces off, and he’ll fall to the ground. If you try that with a forklift the helicopter will explode.

Got my copy today, will be posting impressions later tonight.

— Alan

Well my first impression is that you really need a videogame controller to play this game.

My second impression is that total non-functionality of the mouse and limited key remapping sucks.

My third impression is that no in-game save (chapter save) sucks but thankfully it hasn’t really come up in a case yet.

After that it’s been kinda fun.

— Alan

I’d appreciate some additional impressions, particularly of the PC version. Best Buy has it this week for $29.99, with an immediate $15 gift card, bringing it down to a net of $15. IGN claims the PC version is the best of the 4 in a comparison article. What do you folks think? Thanks. O.R.

I can’t speak for the P.C. version, but the Gamecube version is sweet. Plenty of smashing and plenty of Hulk moves. At first the Banner part drag the game down, but they get better as the game goes on.
Hulk does indeed smash as everything in the enviroment can be broken, or just cracked. Picking up rocks to throw and pipes to use as a baseball bat is fun and hilarious when cracking some idiot upside the head as he begs for mercy. Enviromental elements come into play, you can throw guys off a cliff, or throw them into a wall for extra damage. The robot fighting is extra cool, with some good ‘tough but fair’ boss battles. This game has plenty of the two things I love: little details and nice difficulty balance. They don’t go for the cheap move and make the Hulk easy to kill you can and will literally take on multiple tanks and survive (though it’s a close call sometimes) Add to that a bunch of extra challenge modes and movie extras and cheats, and you got yourself a great game. You MUST at the very least rent this one.
There is no in game save, but there are places you can continue at if you die.
I’ll start writing an ‘official’ review for levitateme later today.

I have to disagree with the Captain.

Having gotten a few hours into the GC version, I can say that it gets repetitous fairly quickly, and the Bruce Banner missions are death.

I’m the HULK goddamit. Forcing me to spend level after level around trying to avoid searchlights is just ridiculous to put into a game where the core dynamic is destruction and plenty of it. The main problem with these Banner missions is that if you should, for any reason, become angry enought to turn into the Hulk, the game is OVER. As Jon Stewart would say, “Whaaaaaa?”

Giving the player options as to how they would go through the missions would have been an excellent. Having the enemy try to tranquilize you to return you to the form of Banner, where you must suddenly use stealth to escape where seconds before you were smashing the world down, would have been a wonderful experience. This isn’t that. It’s brutally linear, and while it’s fun smashing things, it’s more then a little bit repetitive.

So you disagree with me by agreeing with me?

I full-on said that the Banner missions drag the game down, but by the disguise mission in the facility they aren’t AS bad.
And don’t exaggerate, there’s one Banner mission for every four or five Hulk missions.
Yes it’s linear, but the varied combat MORE than makes up for the level simplicity. Plus how exactly would you vary a game about the Hulk? Hulk can’t handle peeing without wrecking a major landmark, let alone complicated missions. And close quarters fighting makes it slightly easier to live.
I, for one, am glad they didn’t go the route your described with the tranqs, I DESPISE just standing around and waiting for my energy to regenerate, or to ‘Hulk out’, Plus it would be kind of hard to explain why they didn’t give every soldier the tranq and that would ruin the game since you can’t miss the Hulk.

I’m more concerned about time spent in development making the game worse instead of better.

I’d of made the destruction more varied, the mission goals more varied, and the levels more non-linear. Right now it’s a platformer without platforms.

You don’t have to explain everything. Perhaps there’s only a limited amount of weapons capable of piercing the Hulk’s skin. Who knows/cares? You make that shit up after you make a good game.

The point would be that there are multiple paths to completion depending on what mode you’re in. Some are harder in one mode or the other.

It’s not rocket science. The game as is is kind of “by the numbers”. Probably a good thing for a movie license game where mission 1 is “Don’t screw up” and mission 2 is “ship before the movie”.

Your Power Pill

I picked up Hulk for the PC today (last day of the $15 Best Buy deal), and while the Banner missions do suck, the Hulk missions are filled with great smashing. I don’t know how far I am, though I just beat Madman if that helps any. Even groups of guards are fun to play with, and the variety of Hulk moves keeps it fresh for me. Do a ground smash to knock them down, pick up one and throw him into another, punch the survivor out, then grab the last one, punch him once in the face for good measure, then smash him onto the ground. The bosses and mutants make good challenges once in a while, but not so often to break the superhero feeling.

The PC controls are OK, but a controller was clearly the intended interface. With the PC, you use WASD for movement, Ctrl for crouch, Space to jump, and the numberpad 0-4-6-8 for using things & powers. For diagonal movement, just hold the two keys on either side of the direction you want to move.

Cel shading is great for this, it is like controlling a comic book Hulk.

Wait till you get further, the bosses become extremely tough, it’ll take you at least a day or two to finally beat them. And huge guys become the norm, doing a back breaker on a guy that just kicked you in the face feels pretty good. Learn to baseball enemies with beams and poles.
It doesn’t change the game much, but if you want to get the Gray, wisecracking Hulk use the code ‘Janitor’ on one of the in-game consoles, nothing much changes except Hulk’s color, also his usual witty banter is replaced with words.

I love the cel shading in this game. Best I’ve seen since JSRF on the XBox. However, non-mousing controls on the PC will be the death of me.

Must… play… console version…