Hum, the band

So I’ve been listening to Electra 2000, You’d Prefer an Astronaut, and Downwards is Heavenwards non-stop for a couple days, and wondering if anything like Hum has come around again. I’ve listened to the lead singers new stuff, which is much more shoegazey than I prefer. Hum just kinda hit that sweet spot, and it is a shame they did not continue to record. Does anyone have any suggestions on similar sounding music? For those of you who never checked them out, they were a 90’s band described as “space-rock/alternative” on their Wiki page, and I would recommend giving them a listen.

Erik J.

This is a band I’ve always meant to check out, and now cuz of this thread I did. Thanks.

The only bands I know that come to mind from listening to Hum is early Seam, and Jawbox. Check those out. Otherwise, allmusic is a good resource, as it lists a bunch of other bands the members have been in - National Skyline, Honcho Overload, Bad Flannel, Menthol, Poster Children, etc. etc. Honcho Overload and Bad Flannel had two or three guys from Hum each, so I’d check out those.

I really liked that album, the one with the zebra. Hell, I still do. I hope they got plenty for selling out Stars to that car commercial.

(with apologies to morton, who will now have to deal with me HumGeeking on two forums…)

I love me that Hum!

When I worked at Euclid Records, two of my co-workers and best friends there were Champaign (as in, the city in Illinois where Hum is from, home of the Fighting Illini) natives and musicians who the Hum guys kinda hero-worshipped, so I got to do some quality drinking/hanging out with those folks.

Adam Schmitt’s production (Adam could’ve/should’ve been the midwest’s answer to Matthew Sweet had a terrible car accident not derailed his career; he’s fine now and you’d never know he’d had his face demolished to look at him…) on this is stellar, and the disc benefits from Schmitt and his buddy, Jay Bennett (soon to join Wilco) adding some nifty, if uncredited, guitar figures to the final mix.

Jesus Christ, if I read one more post about Hum I’m gonna LOSE IT!

I’m not too familiar with them but I like what I’ve heard. As for similar bands, Bedhead comes to mind though they may tend towards the sleepier side of the shoegazer fuzz spectrum.

And here’s a list of Similar Artists I found online…

Cave In
Jets to Brazil
The Dismemberment Plan
The Appleseed Cast
Built to Spill
Ken Andrews
The Anniversary
Reggie and the Full Effect
Shudder to Think
Minus the Bear
Further Seems Forever
…And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
Gin Blossoms
The Lemonheads
Poison the Well
Yo La Tengo
Sense Field
Harvey Danger
Able Baker Fox
The Walkmen

Wow! Stars was terrific. I hadn’t heard the song in years, so I had powerful deja-vu and was completely irked by that commercial. Thanks for solving an existential quandary QT3!

This list is a lie, and a damned lie… for the most part. Some I haven’t heard of, though, and will follow up on. I’m not sure what it is about Hum, but they’re one of the few bands that provokes a real emotional response whenever I listen to them. I’m not sure if it is anger because they never got the recognition they deserved or what, but whatever it is, their music is amazing.

Erik J.

Yeah, I know that when I think of Hum, the first two things that come to mind are Harvey Danger and the Lemonheads.

I suggested a Hum pack for Rock Band a long time ago. If they would release Stars, I’d Like Your Hair Long, and Comin’ Home, I would be happy.

rrmorton’s list is BS. Though those are good bands.

Oh yeah. I meant to make a substantive suggestion also. They have never done much for me, but Swervedriver has some similarities to Hum (and they toured together).

I am Swervedriver’s biggest fan. I don’t think they sound like Hum, though, cuz Hum just doesn’t fit the shoegaze label. Anyone who wants to try Swervedriver out should listen to Mezcal Head and 99th Dream, or their recent greatest hits comp, Juggernaut Rides. Best songs: “Wrong Treats,” “Duel,” “Behind the Scenes…,” and “Last Train to Satansville.”

Another good shoegaze band is Ride.

Yeah, not a great list, I know. I almost wrote a caveat about some of the bands but I figured it was long enough and diverse enough that maybe there was some band on there I wasn’t familiar with that sounded exactly like Hum.

… yeah, no.

zomg Swervedriver is on reunion tour after ten long years. I am buying tickets to their LA show in May now.

Wow, you know them all? Good on ya.

Let’s see if All Music Guide can be of more assistance…

Castor is the best suggestion there.

I know that Emusic has Castor’s 2 albums, and iTunes might.

Silversun Pickups maybe? Catherine Wheel? Dig?

By the way, I was playing around with just now and got directed to their Castor entry (Paul Newman->C-Clamp->Castor). I always preferred their self-titled album.

I had forgotten that Jeff Garber (Castor) was in National Skyline with one of the guys from Hum (and somebody from C-Clamp, which is probably why they were linked on

Try Seam yet? Cuz they’re awesome.

Yessir. They do sound pretty good, I’ll have to give them a further listen when I can sit down for an hour or so. For shits and giggles, I Pandora’d Hum, and this is the description it gave me about their style read in part “including offensive lyrics.” Really? Never thought of them that way. Heh.

Erik J.

EDIT: I was afraid of that. First band Pandora gives me is Smashing Pumpkins. Can’t stand them.