Humankind - a Historical 4X by Amplitude (Endless Space, Legend, etc.)

I think Civ 3 changed the outfits based on era.

Yeah, I think it did. I remember something of that sort.

Civ 2 did as well. Or at least your advisors did on those FMV clips.

Yep, and it was fantastic! I also really miss the palace building aspect from Civ I and II.

That’s what I get for starting the Civ series with the highpoint of Civ IV. I tried to backtrack to Civ III but it was too much of a downslide, so I didn’t catch that they had different outfits. They really should bring that back. Um…maybe not the FMV. Ha!

I was just going to say if Humankind added the palace building mechanic I’d be in on Day 1.

Yeah, there were a lot of little touches like that in early games that they got rid of in each iteration that I really missed. Like when Civ II added those wonder movies, and then got rid of them in Civ III, and those never came back either, as far as I know. I remember the first computer I played them on didn’t have a 2X CD Rom, it was normal 1X speed, so the FMV wonder movies used to play sooooooooo slowly, like a few frames and then a five second wait, and then another few frames, and a 5 second wait. Playing Civ2 on a computer with a 2x CD-ROM drive was a revelation!

I was going to say Civ4 and 5 have cool wonder movies (at least for monuments) and link it. But then I guessed you mean real world clips, which I think is more of a product of the 90s.
I never seen most of these from Civ 5, or didn’t care the few times I’ve played it, but I’m enjoying them now with the art/modern picture contrast and the context quote. So, err, thanks. :)

EDIT: ah, the pictures are not form the game. should be. so, linky, as it’s cool

Civ 2:

I used to always try to build the Statue of Liberty in Civ2 just because I loved the movie so much.

With less than a month to go until its April release, Sega has delayed Amplitude’s Humankind again - this time until 17th August.

August? Damn. Well, that’s cool, nothing worse than a rushed game that “really could have used a few more months”.

That’s been my mantra for game delays for years, though I will admit Cyberpunk shook my resolve a bit.

Wouldn’t Cyberpunk be a very good reinforcement for that way of thinking? After all, it could have used a few more months, even after 3+ delays.

The problem is all three (or probably more) times it was delayed, I said “that’s okay, I want it to come out when it’s done” and then when it came out, it still needed time. So my point is, Humankind got a delay and that’s certainly for the best, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t really mean we get a polished product in August, is the thing. Not like I would have believed before Cyberpunk. Game has to release before a certain budget year, for example, it’s going to release, ready or not.

It’s a reinforcement of an idea that delays are a sign of mismanagement. It could have used time travel and a proper development cycle where all the people know what game are they making, not doing it on a go trying to preserve the vision of the trailer.

Oh, I see. Yeah, that makes sense.

It does not, for sure. But I think it’s fair to say it will at least be more polished in August than it would in April, even if it’s still rough.

Whether the delay improves it or not will be anyone’s guess, unless you can compare an April demo against the final game. I’m happy for the delay, though, as it’ll give me time to continue with the pile of games I’m currently trying to make my way through, without skipping out yet again for something new.

To me, a last minute delay is a strong signal that the game has problems. It is most probably true that delaying the game will be better for the game than releasing now (although not always!), but since us gamers are just looking for signals on whether a game is worth time and money, a delay should shift expectations down and not up.