Humankind - a Historical 4X by Amplitude (Endless Space, Legend, etc.)

I just got Humankind and am enjoying so far. Perhaps its just the newness and learning the various systems. But these two items were ones that immediately popped out at me.

How can anybody have test played this and said “Yep, a ginormous popup obscuring the map during district placement looks good to me.”

I have no clue how the line of sight rules work. Looking at the battle map, I am always confused by why my ranged units sometimes can’t shoot thing that look like they should be shootable.

First item from yesterday’s patch!

I hope they also patched the problem with suicidal auto-explore units. Why the hell are they so stupid as to get lost at sea and die?

Looks like a French(wo)man interpreted “feedback” as a regular verb and then used the default “ed” for past versions of verbs in English lol.

Maybe someone should tell them the verb to be manipulated is feed? :D

The game’s first DLC is out today, along with a pretty meaty patch.

Based on the roadmap they posted I’ll wait for the notification changes to get released before trying to jump back in. No mention anywhere of doing… something about religion either.

DLC scope for this seems okay for the price, so I’ll probably pick it up whenever I go back to it.

So, agrarian means

relating to cultivated land or the cultivation of land.

and the Maasai in Humankind are agrarian, even though they are nomadic, and never traditionally farmed anything…
Amusing. Not a big deal lol.

Or that 4 of these 6 cultures are East African.

Africa is…huge and diverse, I am sure they could do better than this.

In the way factions were set up in previous Amplitude this would have meant they’d have made a cool nomadic faction that played very differently from all the other settled factions. I still think there is room for them to get creative with the cultures in Humankind(although switching your civilization from settled to nomadic halfway through would be a bit much) but so far they haven’t shown a willingness to push there.

There’s also an “official” mod released today on for Humankind that adds Endless Space themed events and factions.

I wish I could add some different opponents - or even just make some opponents, like the Age of Wonders III or Planetfall. For the life of me I can’t figure out how to link this Games2Gether nonsense… I mean it doesn’t work, or perhaps, all the password resetting and using whatever iPad or iPhone or PC or Mac or whatever remembers my passwords/ID is just a low bar that’s too high for me to bother. It would be fun to link friend’s avatars but… you know, good luck with that feature being more or less existing on paper only.

Just as an aside but i hate all these stupid game-studio accounts and passwords. Bethesda, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Paradox, ect. I’m just going to lose all that information at some point, as i’m not exactly using those accounts on a monthly or even yearly basis. I know for a fact my Blizzard account has been dead for years because the email associated with it is long gone, along with all the games linked with it.

I researched bronze working which (if I understand the tech tree correctly) should allow me to build an extractor on the copper in one of my cities, but it’s not showing up anywhere in the construction menu.

What am I doing wrong?

My Steam reply to you:

If I remember correctly, the build button (to build a Copper Mine) should appear directly over the hex that contains the copper.

Saw it there. Thanks again

I am finally attempting this in earnest, and although I have my share of complaints, here’s one that I don’t have for once!

For instance, there was something in a tooltip about exploitations. I didn’t know anything about exploitations or what they were or what it even meant, but I recalled it’s a term they seem to use. So I just open the encyclopedia, type “exploi” into the search box, and easy as you please, the concept is fully explained. So far, I’ve had no issue looking things up this way and getting questions answered. Bravo, Amplitude!

Did any of you who played this when it was released remember if the encyclopedia was in place back then? Or was it added later?


I’m pretty sure I recall it being there at release.

It’s always been present.

I think this game is great and I still love Amplitude. There, said it.

Did they tell you how to speed up the animations?

But they’re visually stunning! ;)

I’m also seriously getting into it for the first time, and am surprised by how much I like it. I think when I checked it out on Gamepass last year it suffered because Old World was so fresh in my mind.

I need to revisit this as well.