Humankind - a Historical 4X by Amplitude (Endless Space, Legend, etc.)

I love Amplitude and Sri atelier want this to succeed for them. My only irritation with is the horrible neglect the AI gets in their games. They come up with brilliant immersion and fantastic new gameplay/factions. Sometimes it’s like a new game almost. But then they don’t spend the same amount of time building out an AI that can effectively use the new systems they’ve designed.

I’m always up for a great 4X strategy game, but I’ve been burned by bad AI (and sometimes bad gameplay) before, so I keep my expectations low. I would love to be surprised by this.

I would hope everyone in this thread feels that way. I mean, I’m buying the game, I sure hope it’s a good game and it does well and that we continue to see more 4X games of this nature.

My expectations are set pretty low based on previous experience with Amplitude games but I feel like that’s just being reasonable (what better thing to base expectation than past experience with the developer?). I don’t really view that as being a downer, but I can see how it could come across that way.

I would absolutely love to see my expectations exceeded. But if not, I know what I’m getting into and what I expect to get out of the game.

We all do. But we’re also realists.

This thread has made me so cautious about the game I’m waiting until the last minute before I decide if I should pre-order for the discount or wait for reviews.

One minor feature that Humankind (that all-caps title is too annoying to type) has added that I’ve been wishing the Civ series would implement is having leaders change their look and style over the course of the game. In Civ, I’ve always wanted to have whatever leader I choose start out dressed for the era, with behaviour appropriate for the time, with their ‘home era’ giving them a bonus during that period as a cool add-on. That Humankind has added that is a bit of a nudge to locked-in Civ leader looks.

Anyone know how far out you can pull the camera before the map becomes abstract or a strategic world-view (if it does)? Civ VI feels extremely limited, probably for performance reasons, so I’m hoping they’ve optimized Humankind to allow a more detailed but expansive view.

I think Civ 3 changed the outfits based on era.

Yeah, I think it did. I remember something of that sort.

Civ 2 did as well. Or at least your advisors did on those FMV clips.

Yep, and it was fantastic! I also really miss the palace building aspect from Civ I and II.

That’s what I get for starting the Civ series with the highpoint of Civ IV. I tried to backtrack to Civ III but it was too much of a downslide, so I didn’t catch that they had different outfits. They really should bring that back. Um…maybe not the FMV. Ha!

I was just going to say if Humankind added the palace building mechanic I’d be in on Day 1.

Yeah, there were a lot of little touches like that in early games that they got rid of in each iteration that I really missed. Like when Civ II added those wonder movies, and then got rid of them in Civ III, and those never came back either, as far as I know. I remember the first computer I played them on didn’t have a 2X CD Rom, it was normal 1X speed, so the FMV wonder movies used to play sooooooooo slowly, like a few frames and then a five second wait, and then another few frames, and a 5 second wait. Playing Civ2 on a computer with a 2x CD-ROM drive was a revelation!

I was going to say Civ4 and 5 have cool wonder movies (at least for monuments) and link it. But then I guessed you mean real world clips, which I think is more of a product of the 90s.
I never seen most of these from Civ 5, or didn’t care the few times I’ve played it, but I’m enjoying them now with the art/modern picture contrast and the context quote. So, err, thanks. :)

EDIT: ah, the pictures are not form the game. should be. so, linky, as it’s cool

Civ 2:

I used to always try to build the Statue of Liberty in Civ2 just because I loved the movie so much.

With less than a month to go until its April release, Sega has delayed Amplitude’s Humankind again - this time until 17th August.

August? Damn. Well, that’s cool, nothing worse than a rushed game that “really could have used a few more months”.

That’s been my mantra for game delays for years, though I will admit Cyberpunk shook my resolve a bit.

Wouldn’t Cyberpunk be a very good reinforcement for that way of thinking? After all, it could have used a few more months, even after 3+ delays.

The problem is all three (or probably more) times it was delayed, I said “that’s okay, I want it to come out when it’s done” and then when it came out, it still needed time. So my point is, Humankind got a delay and that’s certainly for the best, right? Unfortunately, it doesn’t really mean we get a polished product in August, is the thing. Not like I would have believed before Cyberpunk. Game has to release before a certain budget year, for example, it’s going to release, ready or not.