Humankind - a Historical 4X by Amplitude (Endless Space, Legend, etc.)

They just get added. Does that affect balance for the players who wait to advance,? Probably. But I like having the extra options when I’m advancing.

I just noticed they’ve reworked the whole combat and resource system.

It used to be that two strategic resource units in early ages were almost impossible to build. Now strategic resources provide a “quantity” that you need to reach to have “full capacity” building if a unique unit. Otherwise you’ll still build them but much slower.

They also changed something in the combat system. My spearmen were getting 2:1 killed, uphill, by basic warriors, and chariots, charging uphill, were killing spearmen in defense formation at about 4:1 damage. Don’t know if this is feature, bug, hidden variables, new terrain modifiers, difficulty modifiers, or what.

Nearby allied armies can also reinforce the battle now as well, which is nice.

I was in the mood for this type of game since I haven’t really played anything since Civ 5 and am really liking it so far. I like the way influence is used for currency for a lot of things. As I’m in my 1st game I’m still trying to understand the right way to use outposts and cities. Should you always be changing outposts to cities if you can afford the influence costs, or are there good reasons to just leave something as an outpost?

There is a city cap (2 at the start, I believe). Going over by one isn’t too big of a deal but it escalates quickly. Since you’re limited by the number of cities you can have, you’ll want to Attach territories to cities more often than converting them into Cities themselves.

Techs will increase your city cap over time and the Persian culture gets an extra one, if I’m not mistaken.

Outposts by themselves are pretty low value except as a flag in the ground, staking out where you can build later. But that’s a pretty big thing when the map is congested, so (provided you can defend the territory) you’ll want to carefully balance claiming new territory with developing your existing territory.

Taking an influence-themed culture as your first pick can be huge: the special power gives you vast amounts of influence to spend.

Ah, I saw something about city cap in one of my civics but I assumed that meant a cap on population. This is good to know, I’ll have to find where the city cap is listed.

Up at the top right there’s a picture of a house or something.

You pay something like 10 influence/turn for being one over, closer to 100 for two over, and it gets worse from there.

They toned down the influence from those civs in recent patches. Previously it was like 30-60 turns of generated influence all at once, and you could do it every ten turns. It was massively broken and let you stake a claim to most of your continent before the AI could wake up.

It kind if shows the problem with Amplitude games - they don’t spend a huge amount of time making perfectly balanced strategy games. They seem to balance more for the impression and experience. It takes them a couple years to address some obvious issues. And they don’t seem interested in tweaking individual civ bonuses, and seem more or less content with there being “great” and “bad” civ choices.

And the map is pretty much always congested in a hurry. Grab those juicy looking territories quick or the AI will. The minor civs will fill in quickly too.

One non-obvious thing is that when you build an outpost on a territory you can build additional buildings there with influence. I think it’s only extraction buildings and harbors, but if you have a lot of influence this means that you can attach to your cities outposts with a lot of stuff already produced.

Yeah, I ran across that as I needed to use an extractor on an outpost in order to get access to horses.

Is there a limit to outposts or do they drain resources in anyway other than the influence needed to create them?

Just the influence cost.

Amplitude still doing work.

I’d love to see one more big update but I’m not terribly optimistic at this point.

See this is 90% off on Steam, I played it early on for a few hours when I subscribed to PC Game Pass. Maybe I’ll pick it up - how valuable are the expansions?

I say ignore the expansions. The one that expands the game in general is Together We Rule and your mileage my vary. I don’t think it’s bad, just that it’s not needed. The game is complex and big enough as it is. Other expansions add stuff, like cultures and wonders, and you won’t care until you’ve played the game a lot without them.

Thank you! Since it’s only $6 CAD or so without the expansions, it’s a no-brainer then. If you had said I should get them all, well at $40 I was starting to whether I’d get value from it.

Hope you like it. I think it’s a decent game and it was improved a lot by the updates. But it’s expansions are not “sexy” and it’s post release journey lacks big notable events like Civ updates. Really it’s a little sad that nowadays complete full-feature game that doesn’t need any additional purchases to feel good is regarded as “dead game”.

There’s a bigger theme here that would be interesting to explore. My sense is some devs are also exhausted by the expectation that any good game by definition will have years and years of post 1.0 development (not just tech support).