Humanoids (Incal, Metabarons, etc) bundle $15 for 80 comics

I found this bundle and wanted it to share, as it seems a good offer

Looks like a cool bundle. I’ve always wanted to read the Metabarons stuff.

That’s worth getting just for the Moebius

The cbz hace a bad image quality, I recommend to download the PDFs too.

Oh yeah I forgot, use this bat to rename everything!ABoecAd6IjYgu2g&id=241A8DA41064F11E!60678&cid=241A8DA41064F11E

Kind of off topic, but is there a Steam for (digitized) comics with frequent/regular sales? I want to read the Farscape comics but don’t want to spend a lot.

ComiXology is the spot

Thanks. But they must be tracking customers from other sites or something. I load the site for the first time ever and I immediately got four Farscape comics (out of a total of five comics) in the “Recommended for You” section of the front page. Suspicious?

They are owned by Amazon, so they show your digital comics from there. It’s actually kind of confusing because I think others doesn’t show?

Awesome, thanks.

I just did a test. All content bought from Amazon appears on Comixology, but not the other way around.

But to be honest, I’m not sure if I consider them to be the equivalent to Steam. Amazon seems to have it pretty forgotten. It uses the same exact UI and features that it had five years ago, at least. And in general, it doesn’t offer the prices that I expect for a digital comic.

A bunch of the ones I want (ignoring omnibuses) are $1.99 each. How does that compare to the typical price for printed comics these days?

Dunno. But others are more than 20€, same price as the printed version.

Never pay full price on comixology everything comes up on sale sooner or later.

They have their biggest sales around black friday

Last time I was buying physical single issue were usually around $4.

And i’ve only ever bought collections.

I have a mild comics addiction.