Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

Decided to give Sundered a try and I’m glad I did. Been playing it all week.

One nice thing about the monthly bundle, I’m being exposed to games I would have never bought, and in some cases I’m finding gems I’m really enjoying.

So Humble has decided to add another early reveal for their February Monthly, and it’s a game called Rapture Rejects, an Early Access, multiplayer-only game with middling reviews…

I had already decided to pause anyway, but even so this is a head-scratcher. Why reveal a game like that? If anything, I can see it tipping more people over the wrong side of the fence.

Cyanide and Happiness.

This is the most awesome quote.

Because I cancelled my account and then gifted myself the three month sub (to get KCD), my subscription hasn’t auto-renewed. This might be a good way to do it if Humble dangles a suitable carrot later in the month. ;)

Checked out some Youtube footage. It’s an isometric battle royale game. Meh.

I already own The Division. I was intending to resub for Yakuza 0, but now I’m not sure.

I feel like an idiot, because I know the quote from somewhere but can’t place it for the life of me

Survival DLC for The Division has also been revealed as an early unlock. Great DLC, makes the month a bit more underwhelming for those of us who own it already.

All the early reveals are interesting. I wonder if they’re seeing an alarming amount of cancellations/suspensions. Personally, I suspended mine yesterday.

Funny, this month’s deal brought me back after a full cancellation.

Oh man, Survival is killer (literally), and it’s worth playing Division just for that DLC.

Less than 2 days to go!

Feb. Bundle:

Yakuza 0 - early unlock
The Division and Survival DLC - early unlock
Rapture Rejects - early unlock
Sniper Elite 3
Rock of Ages 2: Bigger and Boulder
Full Metal Furies
Bleed 2
Super Daryl Deluxe

March early unlocks:

Earth Defense Force 4.1
Cultist Simulator
Vermintide 2: Collector’s Edition

Edit: Added Steam links for the latest stuff, for those interested.

“Surely I’m safe to buy EDF 4.1, there’s no way that will be in a Humble monthly!”

- Me, an idiot, 4 weeks ago

Cultist Sim is the perfect bundle game for me - passing interest but not enough to buy at full price.

e: Ok, so this EDF comes with all the DLC which is a decent addition.

Ehh so so month, and so so next month reveal.

At least Vermintide 2 will be getting a resurgence of players.

Aaand here comes another pause…

Crap - I just bought Vermintide 2 a few weeks ago :| Excited for Cultist Simulator though!

I just early unlocked March and there are about 20 keys for Earth Defense Force, 1 for each new tank skin. I gave up redeeming them after the first ten. #firstworldproblems

Hah, I knew Vermintide 2 would appear sooner or later! I almost bought it one week ago!

Aeero is also part of the bundle. If you like rhythm games at all, it’s worth playing.