Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

Did they say this is the last humble monthly? I’m currently paused but there is no way I am going to unpause this month, so hopefully that won’t affect the classic plan for select.

I’m probably not reading everything fully… if you are on Classic, you get a choice of 10 games/mo out of… how many (because it still lists ‘Choice’ as one of the features in their comparison chart)? The one thing I do like about the ‘mystery box’ is that I pick up games I wouldn’t have chosen on my own, many of which are actually good!

The RPS article said 10 (so you would just get everything on Classic). I didn’t see anything saying how many games each month myself.

Humble Monthly has generally done a good job of curating, with 1-2 high profile games and a small selection of quality indie games. They didn’t always appeal to me, but I appreciated the effort. Fanatical’s strategy, on the other hand, has felt more like offering a larger selection of mostly shovelware. I think this is only going to work for HB if they maintain a generally high level of curation, together with at least one flagship game per month.

I’ve been tempted to subscribe again this month for the first time in a while (although you can keep your CoD) so their classic FOMO psychology play happens to be working. I’d feel dirty though.

D’oh. I sometimes forget that Acti then and Acti now are actually the same company. I mean hell, they made such good Atari 2600 games…

Laser Blast was my first cartridge. I have their rainbow logo burned in my mental retina.

I loved that stupid game so much.

There is a part of me worried that they’ll get rid of the high-value headline games as part of this - I guess we’ll see though.

They said that humble choice will begin in 2019 so either choice will begin November 1st (when the current monthly closes) or December 6th (when the next monthly would otherwise close).

Just a hunch, but I’m also wary that they may start adding more games from platforms other than Steam. I know this is a non-issue for many, but I’m simply not interested in those.

We already know Epic has a deal with them, as an FYI

Yes, I was mainly thinking of them. I wouldn’t mind GOG games, actually.

When does this kick off? Don’t want to resubscribe for this months games but would be interested in going for Classic. So will there be a chance to subscribe next month before Classic gets locked out?

That’s been kept rather vague, unfortunately, probably on purpose. I think @KallDrexx covers the possibilities above. I guess it depends. Theoretically it could launch the first Friday of November if they just reveal all the games up front then, and then it’s too late to get in on “Classic,” I suppose.

It is annoying because their bundles are setup months in advance, so unless they aren’t sure if the tech to back the new choice system is going to be ready for November 1st then they absolutely know if November is going to be a Monthly or Choice bundle.

Does it require you to pay right away when you subscribe? If not, you can subscribe and pause.

Nope, pretty sure once you subscribe you get that month immediately.

That’s annoying.

Not as annoying as finally unsubscribing after having paused a couple of times and then this happens :(

Actually, I was able to resubscribe and then immediately pause it.