Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

Not a humble bundle customer myself, but I’m kinda thinking of picking up F1. Looks awesome.

It’s a nice list this month but I own Pedro, Coaster, Exa, and AI War II leaving just Fell Seal. Anybody played that one yet?

i played through the first handful of fights along with the narrative stuff. it seems to have a lot of content (in terms of optional proc-gen fights to go with the main scenario fights) with more DLC on the way that looks very good (additional mission variety and a beefy looking monster taming system). its very open ended in the character development, but the early game tactics felt really anemic compared to something like battle brothers or tactics ogre. worth a play, but for most people probably not worth buying the bundle for.

Paused it is then, thanks, that’s the feedback I was looking for. I still haven’t played much of battle brothers. I do like the look of it, but like everyone else I am drowning in an embarrassment of riches.

“Oh no, I’m stuck in my house with nothing to do”
– Nobody with a gaming PC

Pause reminder for the monthly. Charges friday.

There’s also an enormous Witchblade comics bundle. Not for kids.

Tier 1 for 1$:

  • Angelus 1-6
  • Artifacts 0-8
  • Witchblade 1-79

Tier 2

  • Artifacts 9-18
  • The Darkness videogame adaptation
  • Witchblade 80-150

Tier 3

  • Artifacts 19-40
  • The Darkness 1-40
  • The Darkness & Pitt
  • Witchblade 151-185 +

Yep paused for this current month.

Said it will reactivate April 3rd.

I’m going to stay in for AI War 2 but there’s not much else there that I couldn’t live without. I really want them to include Void Bastards one of these months.

Thanks @Gigglemoo for the thread bump. I almost forgot to pause this month.

Well apparently I did forget to pause. I could have sword I did, but who knows with this crazy month. Is it possible I can contact them somewhere to get them to cancel the charge for this month?

I forgot to pause and Now have F1 and Planet Coaster, just need to figure out who might most benefit from a copy in these tough times

Not sure @Reemul , I do know that in the future if you pause, check your email for a confirmation.

I’m ok at not pausing, a few games are well worth sharing on here anyways, especially in tough times, F1 2019 is superb if you like racing games

In case you were having a problem narrowing down your March choices, Etherborn and Turok are free for Twitch Prime members.

But I kind of doubt you were.

Twitch Prime games are only “free” if you still have Prime though, right?

ANSWER: They are free forever.

That was my understanding. That’s why I didn’t bother getting any Twitch games even during the months when I got Prime so I could see Prime Video. I’d end up losing access to them anyway, so why bother?

Well, I wouldn’t go that far. You’ll get access anytime you’re subscribed, even if you let it lapse and come back, but still, it is not the same as Humble Monthly where you own them forever no questions asked.

To clarify, the selection during those two months was not great. Those weren’t games I was in any danger of actually playing. In that particular case, why bother.

I don’t think that’s true, although I guess I’m not totally sure. The games you get for free from Twitch Prime just get attached to your Twitch account.

Most of the games are also DRM-free, so you could just download them.