Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

LOL - good job


Yup. You’ll also receive, over the month, a series of escalating “are you sure you don’t want to unpause?” emails with various discounts attached.

Funny, I seem to be singled out not to ever get those discount offers. I keep hearing about them but never do get them. Although no doubt part of the reason is that I generally wait till the week of the auto-billing to do the pausing, to be fair (I do that so I can take advantage of any sale prices on the store in the meantime). Maybe if I pause now, I’ll get these vaunted emails.

The 43$ COVID bundle includes a free month with 9 choices if anyone was interested in that. New subs only, so buy it with a new account.

April 2020 Humble Choice will be including a bonus game! This game is not revealed on April 3rd with the other games in this month, but will be revealed after the month of April has concluded on May 1st.

Does not use a choice. Lite plan doesn’t get the bonus.

The Bard’s Tale 4 also comes with the remastered trilogy divedivedive really enjoyed.

In a pause month, it’s almost a game itself to see if you can make it through all the ‘pause my subscription’ choices. That’s what Humble Choice really means!

I also paused. Sticking to my plan. If there’s no game in it that’s on my wishlist or I had my eye on, I’m skipping.

In my excitement to make sure I had Hitman 1 in my library so I’d get the extra levels, I discover I already have Hitman 2. I assume the free version? But I also seem to have a solitary Hawke’s Bay DLC. So now I really don’t know what I have. Or what Humble will unlock. At times like this I’m happy to get these things in the Humble Choice because then I don’t really have to figure it out for myself.

Hawke’s Bay is the first level of Hitman 2. It’s a single (not that large) fancy beach house surrounded by sand. It’s more a tutorial than anything. And it’s what you get with the free edition.

This seems like an interesting pack. Is it worth it at a dollar?

I didn’t like Rivals and haven’t played Dead Man’s Draw. I strongly preferred Legendary Heroes over Rivals. But for a buck, if you want to play something new it seems worth a shot.

Dead Man’s Draw was fun for awhile, but then it got a bit old. You’ll get your dollar’s worth from it along, though. Haven’t played Rivals even though I think I have it.

Each of the bundle tiers is worth it to me. Just avoid Star Control as it’s boring.

Trove +1

  • When Ski Lifts Go Wrong

I’m a little annoyed that the DLC is included with main game rather than being separate keys. I see that that DLC all comes with the regular game now automatically. If that’s the case not give it away to others who have already bought the game? I’m sure I probably paid full price when I bought the original so it would be nice to have a couple DLCs thrown my way if they’re giving it away to anyone who buys the game now.

I picked up the bundle but already own Sorcerer King: Rivals. I will give the Steam key to the first person that PMs me the request.

Edit: Has been claimed.

PSA for Humble Choice/Classic subscribers: the 24th is the last Friday of the month. You know what to do if you haven’t paid and already own the games you want, etc. and don’t want to be auto-billed.

T_T too late to see this. I don’t fancy this month’s bundle but I forgot to pause until I saw the Paypal bill T_T plenty to give away this month.

For those wondering about the Hitman 2 selection, it’s the Standard Edition Bundle, coming with:
Santa Fortuna
Hawke’s Bay
Isle of Sgail
Whittleton Creek

The Hitman 2 Standard Edition was $60 when it came out. If you already have the previous episodic game (Hitman, but not the old school original Hitman) you’ll get those levels upgraded for free in Hitman 2. At that point you’ll own most of the recent Hitman content, minus a few costumes and gadgets - which are available on Steam.

i believe were getting a bonus game for april, but i dont see anything yet. hope its sumthin good.