Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

You have to login and go to the subscription page, even if you aren’t subscribed. Terrible UI.

Thanks Chris, I appreciate it!

Unfortunately, that’s the only one I wanted as well.

I have twoone choices left in my bundle, out of the following four games I will never play:

  • Rise of Industry
  • Heave Ho
  • Neoverse
  • Chess Ultra (I like Chess, but this looks dire… oh sorry, I’m sure it’s great really, ahem)

If you want any of them let me know.

Thanks for the offer anyway!

And thanks to @Chappers who hooked me up!

If anyone else wants a gladius key let me know. I already own it.

Thanks for Rise of Industry, @krayzkrok!

How much was Jurassic Park recently on Steam sale? I missed it but have most of the games in May’s bundle to have subbed for that.

$11.24 in the US (the Humble Bundle also included the Deluxe Dinosaur Pack, which was at an all-time low of $3.84 in April, but was $5.49 in the most recent sale).

Thanks to @Papageno for the gift of dinosaurs.

Not humble related but yesterday I picked up two bundles at Fanatical and got:

GRID 2019
Expeditions Viking
Enemy Front
Signal from Tolva
Party Hard 2
Guilty Gear sumthin
Duke Forever
Among the Sleep

For some 8 euros. Not bad, eventhough I am mostly just curious about GRID, Republique and Dex.

June Humble Choice is live.

Ooof. Swing and a miss for me. Couldn’t pause fast enough. Lots of the titles this month have been super discounted or even bundled on the cheap previously at other digital retailers.


Woof. What’s even supposed to be the headliner here?

Yikes. Pause-a-mundo.

OMG I’m in for Barotrauma. Shame about the repeat that is Hellblade.

Yep staying paused this month. Only game I’m remotely interested in is Hellblade, and $13 seems like a lot.

There are a bunch of good, cool games in there, albeit not much in the way of AAA headline material. The problem for me is…I already own most of them.

I’m going to pause, have nearly everything already. Only thing of interest is Barotrauma. If anyone has a spare key for this then let me know. I’ll sort them out something from another future humble bundle in exchange.

I want Supraland and GRID. But I’m in no hurry. Too many games, no time to play them. But now, I’m curious about Barotrauma too after the interest in this thread.