Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

I wonder if that bribe increments the more people pause. e.g. if you pause when only 40 other people have, no bribe. if 5000 people have paused, it’s $2, etc etc

I paused and they haven’t offered a bribe. It’s a shame, too, since $8 would be a much easier sell for the two things out of this that I actually want (Overload and Men of War Assault Squad 2). As it is I think I’ll probably stay paused.

I’m pretty sure the bribes are randomized so they can’t be gamed.

Wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve only ever been offered one, turned it down, and have never gotten another despite creating the exact same circumstances a couple of times.

Have any of you got your “choose your games” email yet? I haven’t.

Edit: Hmm, this is weird-- I not only haven’t gotten the email but it appears they haven’t charged my card yet because it’s still prompting me to “unlock my games.”

At least one game you people bought in the Steam summer sale so far, will probably be in tomorrows monthly choice reveal. :)

No it won’t, because I haven’t bought anything yet for exactly this reason. ;)

Same here, didn’t see anything I really wanted.

You both are the reason we are gonna end up with another duplicate game from a previous month!

Me too

heavy sigh

Don’t worry LK, I’m sure they’ll include a copy of World of Goo just for you.

Its a great game, that I’ve beaten twice and own at least 3 times. So probably!

Ditto! Hoping at least one of my wishlist games pops up as a choice this time. Something like Pathway (yes, I missed the giveaway on EGS), ATOM RPG, Druidstone or Imperator : Rome would be nice.

Pathway is pretty awesome @SlainteMhath

I’ll be very surprised if Glass Masquerade 2, Heart of the Woods, ZeroRanger, or Touhou Luna Nights end up in the Humble Choice.

That said, I’m waiting on the Humble Choice reveal before I buy anything else, because a couple of other games I’m interested in from this sale are likely to be in there at some point.

Hmm, I’d be in for one or more of those as well. +1 and all that.

Glass Masquerade 2 isn’t impossible, necessarily. I actually have that one in my cart, but I’ll wait til tomorrow to pull the trigger. Some strange stuff ends up in these bundles.

It mainly seems unlikely because of the current sale price, not because it isn’t the kind of game that could show up in a bundle. (Not that they’ve historically taken sale prices into account…) The others seem highly unlikely, especially ZeroRanger, which just got a big free update to coincide with the Steam sale.

That said, one of these could also be the only game I own that shows up in the bundle, which wouldn’t be a problem.

For the last several years, the Humble Bundle for July has always been released the day that the Steam Summer Sale ends, which I always thought was really mean! However this year there’s an overlap, so I’m also waiting. :)