Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

People who got the June bundle, what was the bonus game ?

It was this:

Ah ok! Not something I would have played. :)

If you’re enjoying it, consider picking up the Bang Tydy DLC while it’s on sale, it integrates into the existing campaign neatly.

Didn’t someone say that DLC messed up the fun of the core game experience?

I don’t know, did they? I haven’t played much with it installed, but it just seems to add more variety to ship encounters. I need to get back to it at some point, loved the game.

[edit] Ok, there are a few Steam reviews that suggest the enemy is too punitive sucking oxygen. I basically avoided it like the plague, but it didn’t seem out of character with the game. But I really need to play more to know, I thought the base game was nicely balanced.

I just saw the new Warhammer bundle includes this month of Choice Premier in the highest tier (13$ US). New subs only, so use a different account if this interests anyone.

Huh, Humble sent me a free month of Choice Premium for no particular reason. (I never subscribed to Choice). It’s a bit surprising, since this seemed like a far above average month, but that’s the kind you’d maybe expect them to do if the numbers aren’t looking very good.

An esoteric collection of Paradox stuff in the latest bundle. Virtually all stuff I already own, and in many cases you’re looking at the base game for something with a mountain of DLC, but lots of good stuff here regardless:

Age of Wonders 3 for a buck and Battletech for $12 are great deals.

Warlock : Master of the Arcane is also very good, if a bit old by now. Getting it, Europa Universalis IV AND Age of Wonders III for only $1 is a ridiculous deal.

Plus, like you said, the $12 tier is great for Battletech and Tyranny, plus Stellaris which you get as well since it’s in the BTA tier. If you don’t own any of those 3 games, $4 each for them is a steal.

Sadly, the only game I don’t already own in the whole bundle is Imperator :Rome (the sole game in the $17 tier), and while I’d be happy to add that to my collection, it’s been on sale for as little as $10 in the past. I can wait.

Yeah, the first Warlock was decent, but its sitting there next to AoW3 which is a best-of-genre game in my opinion. EU4 is fantastic, but of course the base game is barely a starter pack. It is probably worth noting, though, that these days new players can just sign up for a low-cost monthly subscription that gives them access to all the DLC content - that’s both cheaper and easier than actually trying to buy all of it, I’m sure.

That’s my exact situation as well.

I don’t disagree that Age of Wonders 3 is a better game, but Warlock had a decent niche, and the hex map was kind of cool. I would encourage everyone to try it for a dollar, if you get it along side Age of Wonders 3.

That being said, you know it’s an awesome deal if you own and have played most of the games. Which is also what makes it a terrible deal.

I enjoyed Warlock for a bit. I’d certainly recommend it over its sequel.

Exactly that.

Ah, the sequel wasn’t bad. It let you play the original game if you wanted.

I played like 5 games of the sequel and every single one of them I got an impassable Dremer world as my second or third shard, which meant I spent the entire game walled up away from the other AI players slowly grinding away on a tiny chunk of map to level up enough to get past it. That’s just terrible design/balance. I gather it didn’t happen to others, but every single game I played went that way.

Warlock 3… sorta

I tried that a few years ago. How’s the balance?

Now that’s interesting. Thanks for the link, I was totally unaware of it.

I’m no expert, but I have enjoyed it. The author has done an amazing job working in that framework.

Aren’t the new games supposed to be out today? I’m jonesin’ for a hit!