Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

another one? 2020 was perfect for gaming, nothing else to do.

Well other than a brief period early on, we’ve not had any time off because we run a business. Someone put the difficulty level up from Normal to Nightmare difficulty because all our clients relied on there not being a global pandemic limiting international travel.

But I’m also starting to wrest control back from my brain’s impulse to horde shit. I’ve recently canceled services that are draining my bank account for no good reason other than to give me access to dozens of games I’ll never get around to playing, like Game Pass and PS Plus. The advantage of Humble Choice is I can just pause indefinitely, takes 5 clicks every month and that’s it, and if something good pops up that I’d actually play then bonus! They only get me if I forget to cancel.

Youropa is a pretty good puzzler. Tsioque seems like a reasonably good little point-n-click adventure (but with weird timing-based puzzles?). Townsmen – eh, not sure about that one. Seems a little basic.

Tried Crying Suns briefly, I see what @BrianRubin is saying, but I might give it more of a shot.

Still gotta try Imperator Rome.

This month is a pause for me, only because I have about half the games they’re offering. And what I don’t have, well I don’t care enough for. But I can still see myself continuing with Humble only because I can see my circumstances changing over the next few years as I give up work for a bit and go back to study. So every month getting something maybe new and shiny has its own appeal. Shit, I’ll admit in my tired, burned out state, the new month reveals are generally something I look forward to, about the only thing I have in life to look forward to. I’ll treat myself this Christmas to another year’s subscription and see how it goes from there.

Pretty good indie bundle, especially (I would say) if you don’t have Superhot or Chuchel.

Pause reminder time. Charges on friday.

US Thanksgiving is just around the corner so there might be a sweet offer to unpause.

A Hat in Time is very good, too.

BF special: 99$ for a year of monthly. Apparently pausing is allowed this time.

New subs only :(

$8.25 per month for 12 months with the ability to pause? That’s even better than the Classic deal that pre-Choice folks get! Nice!

You can always get a new email address.

I’m kinda torn this month and running out of time to decide. Darksiders 3 has potential and @Rock8man is enjoying it quite a bit. Youropa looks pretty good too, but do I need another platformer?

This is the last month of my 12 month subscription, so for some reason I feel like hanging onto it as long as I can until something really good comes along. When this runs out I’m just going to switch it month to month.

Paused earlier in the week. I already own Yakuza 2 from a Steam sale, and decided I wasn’t going to play Darksiders 3 any time soon (if ever). None of the indie stuff looked interesting.

I bought it as a gift for my own account, and it converted to 12 months of classic. It looks like we can even skip this month by waiting to redeem it.

There’s also a free month promo for buying it for someone else. Not sure on the fine print on that one. Last day if anyone else was interested.

Canada: 145$ CAD, an extra 15 more than expected. Still a deal though.

Oh, so by buying it with another email and then gifting it to your main old account, you bypassed the limitation? Interesting…

Nope. I went to choice and bought a gift sub to premium with my main account. 1 year is discounted.

I didn’t get the bonus free month gift-thing though, that’s probably the new customers only part.

The black friday page linked from home just looped endlessly for me.

@Gigglemoo Did it change you from the classic plan, going forward? So your next renewal would be the Premium plan in say December 2021?

This is what classic plan subscribers should see in the manage subscription area:

11-30-2020 6-42-59 AM

I see the $99 deal is good till the end of today.

Think I confirmed this in the FAQ:

Can I still gift and receive gifts for Classic plan subscriptions?

At this time you cannot gift a Classic Plan to another user unless you have one that was purchased prior to the launch of Humble Choice (redeeming this gift does not continue a Classic plan subscription unless you are already a current Classic plan subscriber).

If you are already on a Classic Plan then you can redeem either a Basic or Premium gift while retaining your Classic plan status. Redeeming Basic or Premium gifts will add a credit to your account to unlock a current or future month of Humble Choice as a Classic plan. Classic Plan subscribers cannot redeem Lite gifts. You can still gift individual games from your subscription as normal. More information available here.

Yep it worked fine. Thanks for the info @Gigglemoo

Do you have a link? I can’t find the offer on their website. Thanks in advance.

Glad it worked for you too:)

Choice page:

Premium -> 1 year

It’s now 136$ CDN instead of the 145$ I paid yesterday.

For me I had to specifically go to

Then click on the orange bar at the top of the page, its the only way the $99 deal showed up for me.

Thanks. Turns out I had to log out of my main account, first.