Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

I own most of the marquee titles there, but I’m thinking about staying un-paused just because that’s two months in a row with a pretty spectacular lineup of games from Humble.

Ohhh, that’s a lot of good stuff for me personally.

Yeah, that’s a good lineup. I already have two of the headliners, so I’ll pause, but it’s some solid choices.

That’s about what I was willing to pay for Battlegrounds so sure, why not. Control is certainly getting around these days!

that $6 deal from a couple of months back looking better and better right now.

I like how the headline is “Own Control forever!” --AKA, “We know you can get it on Game Pass, but this is still a good offer!”

Great line-up of games, though I own most of the big titles. Hopefully Wildfire and maybe Peaky Blinders are worth it.

Wonder why the early reveal?

I own Chimera Squad and Kingdom : Two Crowns, but ELEX and Control would certainly be worth the price of admission, especially if it tosses a $2-$4 “do you really want to cancel” incentive my way (I paused this past month). Also, I still see last month’s games. Was the early reveal a mistake that has been corrected, or did it go out via email or something?

It was in an email, but only included the top 3 games. I assume the rest were leaked or announced somewhere else. The email went out shortly before billing for this month hit my account, so likely them trying to quell the gnashing of teeth from people who ignored the date change email.

They posted that list on their blog.
Control isn’t listed as Ultimate, so it might be an Epic key this time around.

Makes sense why they announced it early if that’s the case.

Given that Steam only sells the Ultimate Edition and Humble doesn’t mention it as such I am… concerned.

That is an awesome reveal. I already have Control and Chimera Squad so I don’t know if I’m in for this one, but if I didn’t have those 2 I’d be excited for sure.

That’s a strong bundle, but I’m not sure it’s a good one for me particularly. Control looks a lot like Prey, which I wanted to love but didn’t. I’m well aware of the critical praise, and I’m sure it’s a very strong game of its type, I’m just not sure I’d be into it.

Prey is a System Shock diaspora game, Control really isn’t. There’s a lot less freedom, but better shooting.

I was so close to cancelling Choice two months back and I’m glad I didn’t. That’s a nice bundle, looking forward to Chimera Squad and ELEX.

Yep looks like a good month ahead!

Hmm, so more Bioshock-like?

How strange that they revealed early.

I’ve already got Chimera Squad (have played quite a bit, haven’t finished) and don’t know much about the other games, but Control is most definitely on my “get it at some point” list. Only thing I wonder is if whatever DLC is out for it is one of those where you can’t buy it for cheap later via magic Steam bundle that takes into account what you already have (assuming the DLC is even worth playing, of course).

If Control isn’t a Steam key, though, hmmm.

Is Hotshot Racing anything like Horizon Chase Turbo? Because that one was fantastic.

@Nightgaunt re: “owning forever” – Cool, it comes with immortality thrown in? Sold! ;-)

Very good selection of game, they are trying to make a return!

March is gonna be a great month!