Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

It’s a single-player time management, plate-spinning restaurant simulation, basically.

Thank you, I was trying to come up with the right words to describe it and those are pretty good.

Hmmm, that is a very good consideration. Might’ve tipped me in the direction of grabbing the bundle. :-)

I’m in for eight bucks.

Yeah eight dollars is tough to pass up.

Remember , Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition drops for free on 5/6/21 to all existing Exodus owners on PC. So register your key before the new version is offered, as I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere as being free after that date.

Thanks for the reminder, totally snagged it today.

You all are reliably getting this for $8? Last time I tried this (er, last month) I was effectively told to feck off and don’t let the door hit me on the way out. Maybe it’s a regional thing.

I reliably get the $4 off offer after I’ve been paused for a few months. Not otherwise.

Paused for one month, got the $4 coupon.

Yeah, I’ve never experimented with the time frame - usually my “pass” stretches go several months.

Them timing this for the Metro Exodus Enhanced edition is a great move, looking forward to playing it!

So yeah, tried this and because I’d paused last month I got the $4 off.

A great bundle. Even if we forget Metro Exodus, the headliner, we have many other that look good:
Morkredd, looks like nice coop game to play, with a cool dark atmosphere.
Family Man is some kind of open world short rpg thing, Very Positive on Stem.
Retimed, party game, Very Positive on Steam. Not the thing I’d buy but I welcome it as a freebie.
Size Matters, a very original premise, that makes a mix of first person timed puzzle game / random escape room thing. Very Positive too.
Relicta, a Portal style game playing with magnets and gravity .Very Positive, graphics are pretty AAA.
Levelhead, a Super Mario Maker style of game, except some reviews say it’s actually better, Overwhelmingly Positive.
Darksiders Genesis: I hadn’t heard of this game before, it seems to have smooth overhead combat, good graphics too. Very positive on Steam.
Fury Unleashed: the comic art style didn’t hold my attention, but it seems a fully featured action/roguelite game with lots of options, so it should fit my style.

Hell, making the list of games I don’t care would be shorter: Cooking Serve 3, HellPoint, and Vane looks nice but both critical and user reviews agree that isn’t good.

I’ve had great success with that method. If I pause January, it will give me Feb for $4 off. If I take advantage, then I like the March one, no $4 off (though sometimes it will offer me $2) when I do the pause dance. However if I dislike March and pause again, then $4 magically reappears come April when I do the pause dance.

This has worked out so that Choice has pretty much been $8 for me every other month (with one month pauses in-between) for the past year or so, coinciding nicely with the months I actually am interested in purchasing. Not that I mind paying $12 if it’s something that interests me, it’s just nice to have the “we missed you last month” discount every other month.

I looked up the price for the bundle, it’s $19.99 for 9 games, looks like. It seems like a nice bundle, but the price is high. I already have access to Darksiders Genesis and Morkredd on gamepass. Metro Exodus, I don’t want to play yet because I haven’t played Last Light yet. I’m sure it will be cheaper than $10 by the time I finish Last Light.

Still, that’s an intriguing list of descriptions @TurinTur. Maybe the whole thing is worth $20 after all if those little indie games are good. Especially Relicta and Size Matters.

I did the fake-pause thing myself since I for real paused last month, and sure enough, they offered me the $4 off. Nice.

Somehow they know I’m fake pausing and never offer me the discount.

Are you on a pre-paid account? I am, and never get discount offers when pausing.