Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

Well then, I think Brian Rubin’s got us all beat, unless we all work real hard at catching up. :-)

The only thing that worries me about those offers is that I take it to mean “wow, we have a real lack-luster next three months… better lock folks in”. Kinda like Blizzard tossing out free Diablo 3 back when they knew nothing was going to be happening in WoW for a good long while.

Also, I’ve never been sent a discount offer. Not sure I’ve ever paused either, because the kids will play stuff I won’t and vice versa.

That’s possible. It’s also possible they’re loss-leaders to get people subscribed, with the understanding that most people forget to pause every month and just pay them.

You can call me a sucker, it’s okay.

I have not purchased a Humble Monthly in over a year. Maybe they are making this offer to long lost customers like me?

The thought did cross my mind that the next couple of bundles might not have much in them. They only hurt themselves in the long run with crappy bundles, though.

I received the offer for 3 months at $9 each but i have no way of activating it.

Was tempted to actually sign up to a month of Humble for Civilization VI and all content up to the New Frontier Pass. Then after a bit of looking around I saw that 2K recently created a new Civilization VI Anthology bundle which includes the New Frontier Pass too. Which is available on Steam and all the usual key seller websites (Fanatical, etc).

Therefore, changed my mind and now waiting to see if Humble and 2K ever triple dip on Civ 6 by throwing the Anthology package in a year, or two, later. Knew there was a good reason to possibly hold fire and make a decision later into the month.

I’m close. Though I haven’t received an offer.

And probably wouldn’t take it if offered, I have to admit. There is often one potentially nice thing in each bundle, but it’s inevitably either something I already have or something that’d just go into the backlog. Considering that some of those games have ended up being offered by Epic Games later, I’ve never yet regretted not taking a monthly bundle.

Should probably just cancel, since this isn’t working for me, but I keep hoping that they’ll have one great month of games that hits the bulls-eye for me (last one was the AOW in July, IIRC).

That was amazing. I owned like 2/3 of that bundle already and it was still worth it for the stuff I didn’t (and to be able to gift around spare copies of great games).

I have gotten 5 emails to get a year of humble for $99 plus $25 credit but the fuckers won’t let me do it as an existing customer. New customer exclusive deals are the dumbest fucking concept

So create a new account?

That won’t get me my grandfathered classic plan tho, will it?

No, but you can keep it paused for the year if you’re really hardcore about it.

Can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or genuine. Either way I don’t think that’s the right call for me

Remember to pause before Tuesday.

The important bit:

While splits on each bundle will vary, on average there will be a minimum amount for Humble Bundle between 15 – 30%. Sliders will clearly indicate any minimums to customers and the flexibility to adjust donations will be available in every purchase of a bundle.

The rest of it is just some corporate masturbatory speech to justify it.

I don’t have an issue with them making some money off a bundle. They will stop existing if they don’t have any income.

I chose the 12 games from this month’s bundle. It felt really weird. This is the first time I’ve gotten a bundle where I didn’t want any of the games. It felt like collecting for collecting’s sake. I hope one day I try Civ VI and it turns out to be awesome. After all, people didn’t feel great about Civ3, and that turned out to be wonderful for me, once I installed the big second expansion.

I think you will potentially enjoy Civ VI because you aren’t already jaded/burned-out from the rest. A lot of the complaints tend to come from folks that have played the series for years and/or are strategy gods (no offense if you are already a strategy god). I find myself much less critical of the game simply because I’m not real good and it so I can’t as easily see the flaws. Hopefully in time you find that $12 for it was a steal!