Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

I went ahead and paused. Katana Zero looked cool and I definitely liked the music but it relies on twitch reflexes I just don’t have anymore as a person with six decades behind him.

Every month for the last 5 that I’ve paused it’s been offered. I’m pretty confident it will be again.

Honestly, after replying so self-righteously to you, I watched some YouTube videos about this month’s selection to see if I wanted to take advantage of that $6/mo for 3 months offer and I’m now totally in agreement with you. This month is a total (personal) stinker.

The coupon is always offered on the second month you pause in a row.

Did you watch a video that reviews the bundle as a whole, or look up videos for each individual game? I used to watch the bundle reviews from the Bombchu guys, but they recently stopped making them. I’d like to find something similar because it’s just too time-consuming to research each game separately.

I watched several videos that went over the bundle as a whole. I also used to watch the Bombchu monthly overviews and was bummed when they said that they were gonna stop. Here’s one of the reviews I watched - mostly I just wanted to get an idea of what kind of games were being offered in terms of game play and graphics. There wasn’t a single game this month that appealed to me alas, even with the $6/mo for 3 months coupon.

Just saw this on reddit. For some reason you can claim the rest of the games for some old monthly bundles where we previously could only choose 10 out of 12 games.

I’m on a Classic sub and was able to successfully redeem games for several months. One person said they weren’t currently subbed and it still worked.

That worked. I won 10 new games. I only missed 2 from Dec 2019.

December 2019 only had 10 games to choose from. I think Humble just set the code to “Choices = 12” for all Humble Monthly Bundles since Choice/Classic began, not realizing one of them never had 12 games to begin with.

Easiest way to see and redeem these is to go to “Keys and Entitlements” under your account then check the box for “Hide Redeemed Keys and Entitlements”. The unclaimed monthly stuff should be pretty high on the list, even top of it if you haven’t bought a recent bundle where you have unclaimed keys.

Look at you Mr. I-claim-all-my-games-each-month-and-don’t-have-a-3-month-unclaimed-backlog.

Why wouldn’t you? It’s not like Humble hasn’t had issues with keys running out in the past with bundles, so it doesn’t seem worth the risk to not claim them immediately.

I’m lazy and… I didn’t realize running out of keys was a thing. Guess I know what I’ll be doing tonight!

Thanks for the heads-up, although I don’t think there’s been a single month I’ve bought where I’ve used all my picks as it is. Well, that’s not true, for some of the older ones I gave away a few extras. Next time I do a key clean out I could certainly do that with these - maybe someone will get some fun out of them.

Ha! I just recently went through and cleaned up months worth of unclaimed backlog. I have a giant spreadsheet where I keep all of the duplicate keys and keys I will never use myself, so a lot of the unclaimed stuff got shunted over to that. This is the cleanest my Humble/Fanatical/GMG/Gala/etc. accounts have looked in a long time. I need to figure out a good way to host said giant spreadsheet online so I can have a QT3 Holiday Giveaway this year.

I too am going through this exercise. The catchup on old monthlies. I just got that Asmodee bundle and it had a bunch of DLC codes. I was only able to enter that bundle and most of two monthlies before I learned Steam blocks activations after a certain number.

Now I can add more to that queue.

I think I’m also reaching that tipping point of like damn, I need to stop buying games unless I know I’m going to play them soon.

Respect! I really need to do the same, but finding the time to do it right now is… unlikely.

Ugh…the only thing worse than my backlog of shame is the amount of unclaimed Humble Bundle keys I have for games that will just end up in that backlog.

There’s dozens of us! Dozens!

Claimed the few I missed the last 3 months, all caught up. :)

I have so many unclaimed keys I’ve taken to checking to make sure a game hasn’t been included in a monthly bundle before I buy it.