Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

Yup, and I hear you. Most months I struggled to even choose 10 games from the list, as the bundles would have two or three titles I really wanted, then a couple more that I thought looked interesting but maybe hadn’t heard of or wouldn’t have considered on their own, but out beyond 5 or 6 games it became a choice between half a dozen titles I know I would never even play. Now I get to add two more of those for every month I purchased in the early days of Choice.

That said, one man’s trash and all that. I will claim the keys from Humble and add them to my Giveaway stash so that perhaps they will make someone else happy at a later date.

I couldn’t even give away the keys I could already claim in many cases, not sure I need to claim more. There has never been a month where i wished I could have claimed more.

That’s a worthy reason, for sure.

There are many bots out there that would love to hoover up your Steam codes if you would just post them. ;)

I just went in and paused my subscription, as I always do, and yet my account page still says I’ll be charged tomorrow. They tried to screw me with this last month too, so I opened a support ticket.

You don’t say, hoping next month’s is better.

Could someone tell me how much Death’s Door is on Humble for Choice members please?

$13.11 showing for me, well worth it

Thanks. I bought it on Epic for $6 with the $10 coupon and I like it quite a bit, but Epic does not have achievements. Usually I don’t care but I think it could be useful for Death’s Door. I’m just over 2 hours play time.

Thinking of refunding and buying for Steam. I paused my Humble Choice so I couldn’t see the price. Not sure if I will just continue on Epic or switch to Steam.

Thought epic was about to add achievements.

It’s on their list of upcoming features. I don’t know if it will retroactively award them though if I continue playing before they’re added.

It is already there, but I think it requires the developers to do something to add them in. I know some of the free games they’ve been giving out have had them enabled (and was what originally led me to even notice that achievements were now a thing there).

Copied from a Reddit thread:


To quote Ross Perot, “Now that’s just sad.” No triple A games at all.

Only 10 games this month too. Tempting as “Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion” surely is, I’m gonna pass.

I’m in for House Flipper, Project Wingman, and Wingspan.

Project Wingman and Wingspan are interesting, but I’m not sure they’re “stay unpaused” level interesting.

Due Process is an actual honest-to-god tactical shooter in the mold of old Rainbow 6 games, which would be super exciting if it had single player, but it doesn’t seem to.

You joke, but RPS really liked that one and it looks like one of the highlights for me.

If they gave me $8 off, making this month four bucks, I’d do it just for gamecount++++++++++. For $8 cost, nah.

I remember back when every month had one or two AAA titles from the previous year. Those days are long gone. Epic and Amazon Prime giveaways are better than the paid Humble Bundle.

Timelie is on my wishlist, as is Mobius Front 83 (the one Zachtronics game I don’t own). Turnip Boy is “the funniest game I’ve ever played” (RPS) and BPM looks like an intriguingly insane idea. I’m in!

The extra looks interesting to me:
NAiAD / A game by HiWarp

Immerse yourself in a relaxing, minimalist and colorful exploration experience. Flow with Naiad across a mysterious river and interact with its fauna and flora to discover little secrets.

Glad I held off on BPM and Wingspan last sale. Wrath looks decent as well; with all of the retro shooters in the past year or so I must have lost it in the shuffle.