Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

Your thoughts mirror mine. Nothing else but the two headliners are anything I’m going to devote time to.

Yeah, I was thinking about grabbing it but I realized that I’m unlikely to play it right away and I do expect to see it offered for cheap sooner or later. Might as well wait. It wouldn’t surprise me to see it as an Epic giveaway.

This is going to be a consistent issue. Every game that wants to start its path towards bundletown will go to the highest bidder first, and that’s going to be Amazon and Epic.

This is my ashamed face. Solely for Phoenix Point Year One Edition I let them talk me into buying this month’s bundle for $7.99

Unless I change my mind before Tuesday, that is.

Why are you ashamed about buying a pretty great game for $8?

Well, I kind of started it on Game Pass on the console and wasn’t really feeling it like I did with the OG XCOM (which I played in 2001 or so when it was included on a magazine’s demo disc–remember [both of] those?) and with the two Firaxis games. But I didn’t get very far so maybe it gets better (and apparently does for a lot of people), so it’s worth the risk.

You could have paid $14.99 on Steam, so you chose wisely. :)

Ah crap, I got charged today. I forgot to pause, or at least pretend to pause in order to get a discount. I hope it’s a good bundle, I didn’t really pay close attention this month when it was revealed.

On the bright side, I only owned one of the games in the bundle already (and had access to three on Game Pass).

On the other hand, none of these games were something I would have put on my wishlist.

I almost picked up the bundle for Gamedec, but I figure it will be given away by Epic or Amazon at some point and nothing else in the bundle jumped out at me so I paused.

You can open a ticket and ask for a refund, they’re pretty loose about it.


And here they are.

Only 8 games this month, that sucks. But two three of them aren’t complete filler. I’m in for full price ($12). Two months in a row without pausing, not bad.

Banger month, Hired Gun is getting installed right away

Nice. I already have Deep Rock (which was leaked in advance) so had low expectations for this, but I’m in for Hired Gun, Banners of Ruin, and Yes Your Grace.

Great bundle even if I own half the two biggies.

Oh man. Lawn Mowing Simulator.

Is there a Do Laundry or Wash Dishes Simulator?

It offends me deeply that Humble put this in the bundle.

This is the only lawnmower simulator I stan.

I think it’s for, like, high-powered executives. The kind of guy that’s a masochist sexually, that likes to be controlled, to lick boots and serve, because they’re always in control at work. That same sort of thing could extend to mowing lawns like a suburban dad coming home at 5:15PM, filling that hole in their lives full of kobe A5 beef flown in from Japan and grilled on imported Japanese wood and such.