Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

Banger month, Hired Gun is getting installed right away

Nice. I already have Deep Rock (which was leaked in advance) so had low expectations for this, but I’m in for Hired Gun, Banners of Ruin, and Yes Your Grace.

Great bundle even if I own half the two biggies.

Oh man. Lawn Mowing Simulator.

Is there a Do Laundry or Wash Dishes Simulator?

It offends me deeply that Humble put this in the bundle.

This is the only lawnmower simulator I stan.

I think it’s for, like, high-powered executives. The kind of guy that’s a masochist sexually, that likes to be controlled, to lick boots and serve, because they’re always in control at work. That same sort of thing could extend to mowing lawns like a suburban dad coming home at 5:15PM, filling that hole in their lives full of kobe A5 beef flown in from Japan and grilled on imported Japanese wood and such.

Getting Deep Rock Galactic plus a coupon to pay $25 for all of the DLC doesn’t really feel like a “headliner”, even given the steep discount off the price of everything DRG purchased from any other digital retailer. I know it’s crazy, but it just doesn’t feel “dealtastic” or whatever.

Thankfully, Legend of Keepers, Banners of Ruin and Necromunda : Hired Gun were all games on my personal watch list, and I very much enjoyed ATOM RPG, so the Trudograd expansion is a most welcome addition as well. Looks like I’ll be busting out the $8 to resub for the month!

Too bad there’s no VR support for Lawn Mower Simulator. When I’m working the Rose Garden and Fat Donnie comes out to bellow, I wanna see that spittlestorm flyin at me.

Hm, this might be a pass for me. But maybe I need to dig into some of these games some more.

Same, I own DRG and don’t know much about the rest. I’ll wait for a review.

Is Hired Gun good? The reviews are not overwhelmingly positive, but it might be the saving grace of this bundle for me.

It’s AA DOOM 2016, basically, in a very cool looking space-grunge environment. Also you get a dog. Certainly worth $12 as part of a bundle if that sounds at all interesting.

It does, thanks. I am likely to grab it.

This bundle is a steal if you don’t have Deep Rock Galactic already. I already do but I’m somewhat interested in Necromunda Hired Gun, so I’ll probably bite for two months in a row.

First bundle in a while where I don’t have any of the games. I’m in!

Deep Rock is so good that I don’t care I already own it. I’ll have a key for someone else in the family to force them to play with me.

For those disappointed about the DLC being offered only as a coupon, note that the DLC is all cosmetic only and more of a show-of-support to Ghost Ship Games. I’m biased, I consider it a headliner.

I actually paused (again). DRG is great of course, but I have it. I tried the Necromunda game past year, and it didn’t click with me.
The rest… they aren’t enough to make me jump and buy the bundle, as I’d say I have a few dozens (ok… hundreds) games like those in my pending queue in Steam/EGS/Amazon/Gamepass.

I’m glad there are people excited about this bundle! It’s all too grimdark for me this month. Banners of Ruin is kind of intriguing, but that’s it. (I played Yes, Your Grace on Game Pass and quit due to too many bugs.)

I am playing that Necromunda game and apart from the super annoyingly high FOV, dumb interface and nonsense story… it is really good, I love its world design and atmosphere. It is my first Warhammer 40K game but I dig the nasty grunginess of it.
Enjoying it more than Doom Eternal tbh.

You say “high FOV” so you mean greater than 90 degrees or something? Usually it’s narrow FOV that makes me queasy after a bit.