Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

Humble is very good at doing bundles full of good, high profile games but the flip side of that is outside of the Monthly/Choice bundles (and those have become significantly less exciting IMO) they’re nearly always games that a lot of people have had for years already. Certainly I have.

Oh man, CK3 for $8 all by itself is very tempting. I know I won’t get around to playing it for months (maybe longer) though, too much life happening right now and I’m already in the middle of long haul games like Mass Effect Legendary and King Arthur : Knight’s Tale.

Also, if Paradox is willing to put CK3 into the Humble Choice at this point, it’s only a matter of time, and probably not much time at that, before it’s in its own bundle along with whatever DLC is available at that time.

What is the groupthink on Forgive Me Father and Naheulbeuk? I own CrownTrick already, but Industria kinda looks interesting too.

I don’t think that’s normally how Paradox rolls, is it? The base game goes cheap quickly, because most of the game is behind the DLC. Someone can likely plot the relationship between base game price and amount of DLC available.

Not out of the gate, no, but thinking back to CK2 they originally started putting just the base game on sale for fairly cheap or as part of bundles with other Paradox titles, then once enough DLC had accumulated and been out for awhile you’d see the base game plus two or three of the oldest DLC included in some bundles, then when even more DLC was available the CK2+DLC bundles started, growing ever more inclusive until you could pretty much purchase the entire franchise in certain bundles over the past couple of years.

My point was that by the time I am ready to actually play CK3, there might be one of those base game plus two oldest DLC (it already has 5 DLC available) offerings in a bundle or a “Starter Pack”, so I may as well wait if CK3 was the only reason I was going to purchase Choice this month (still on the fence though).

Just bought it for 4€ off. CK3 is the lowest price ever. The indie games seem to be pretty interesting.
The Just Cause 4 key registered as the Complete Edition. Then my library says it’s Just Cause Reloaded, but with a shitload of DLCs. I checked the store manually - every single piece of DLC of the Complete Edition is included, especially the season pass and the deluxe edition stuff.
Epic had Just Cause 4 Reloaded without DLCs.
I think I’m going to call this a strong month.

Hey, I remembered to skip a month last night. Phew.

I think my new philosophy on these bundles is the opposite of last year. Last year it was: Hey, I’m getting a bunch of games, 144 of them for $144, why not. I’ll find some to like in there eventually.

This year it’s back to normal for me: If I don’t see something I want to play right now, skip it.

I’m on classic monthly, if I move to the yearly plan for $129 do I lose classic perks?

What advantage would there be to changing from Classic? Do you buy most months as is? Seems like the minor difference in price would not be worth it if you don’t, especially with the “please don’t skip” price reduction you usually get when you’ve already skipped a month.

My understanding is that there no longer is any “classic.” A new subscriber gets the same deal as a legacy subscriber under the new Choice system.

Pretty sure we still pay less than the current going rate.

Nope, I just checked. It’s $12 for all the games whether you’re a new subscriber or a legacy at this point. It changed a few months back when they altered the model again and stopped doing limited picks.

Industria looks very interesting, I enjoyed first hour or so, but the fact that it does not have a fully functional controller support is such a bummer. I cannot understand how they did not prioritize controls when spending so much time and work making the game.

People developing primarily for PC do not expect most people on PC to even have a game pad, let alone use one for an FPS. So while I am sympathetic to wanting good support for, I assume, the controls you want to use, I don’t know that failing that is the same thing as not prioritizing controls.

Industria came out on consoles as well as PCs back in 2021, so I’m surprised to hear it doesn’t have fully functional controller support.

That would be extremely dumb on developer’s part given the wealth of data provided by Valve about controller usage. 48 million people used controller on Steam a year ago.

I thought it was on PC only. Well this makes it even more baffling and annoying!

The problems with controller in this game that I found in first 20 minutes:

  • sprinting - done by pressing left stick. And you have to hold it! Which makes sprinting basically unusable
  • Missing controller prompts
  • terrible aiming, where there is a deadzone that immediately goes into high sensitivity, with no gradual rampup
  • no menu control
  • no idea how to open journal, no button works

Kinda bullshit :( no price break no extra games, why keep telling me I’m on a classic plan that doesn’t mean anything?

I’m vacillating over this month’s Bundle. I can get it for the $8.99 price if I threaten to pause, which would certainly make for a cheap Crusader Kings. But if history is any guide, I’ll probably end up staring at it in frustration for an hour and then never end up playing it again. That has me hovering over the pause button but also getting Forgive Me Father, Crown Trick and Dungeon of Naheulbeuk thrown in make me think that this month I might give it a go.

Yeah, I couldn’t find any advantages after the changes, so I canceled my classic annual plan and changed it to regular month by month.

Some day after I finally use up my remaining annual plan months, I can hopefully get those pause discounts that everyone else has been getting.

Leaked games for October:

Death Loop
Disciples: Liberation
Monster Train

I’m in if it’s right.