Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

Amazingly, I do not own one game on that list. The ones I mentioned are the big draws for me but Sigma Theory also looks cool.

BTW, what’s the “Season One” stuff mean with regard to BSG Deadlock?

No one interested in the bonus game from June, Boundless?

…yea, me either.

I’m in on July for Void Bastards alone, the rest is gravy. Do agree with the above that it’d be nice to see more non-strategy games especially since it’s not a genre I’m big on.

So this should be called the @Papageno monthly bundle!

Pretty close. That’s a lot of titles that I’ve had my eye on for a while but never bought, all at once. After a series of months where I was all, eeeeh, because I already had the one or two I really wanted and the others I was either just vaguely or not at all interested in.

Cool! I don’t have Planetfall or Battlefield Starlock or whatever that thing is called.


Gamepass is crushing the monthly bundle. The two big games here, AoW Planetfall and Void Bastards are both in Gamepass, right now.

Lorne Greene is turning over in his grave.

Game Pass was a great deal when I got multiple months for pocket change. I played a bunch of games that I would have either bought or would at least like to try. The recent additions are either ones I have or not interested in for the most part. I’ll probably wait until they have several I really want to play and then sign up again. When they have what you want to play it’s a super deal.

There are at the moment two “seasons” of DLC for BSG Deadlock, so this apparently includes the first of them.

I’ve already played Void Bastards and AoW Planetfall through PC Game Pass. Not sure if I want to own them on Steam too, gonna have to think about that.

Two things bug me about Gamepass though:

First, I like to own my games and not have to keep paying to play them. Also, sometimes they just go away. Yes they let you know but if I’ve bought the game, I know I can always come back to it.
Second, I hate the way Gamepass obfuscates the actual files/folders involved with a particular game on your storage device (SSD/HDD or whatever).

This is going to happen more and more. We’re getting tiers of games, where the lowest rung is ‘willing to be bundled in a fanatical/indiegala bundle’. Normal humble bundles have become very rare and don’t seem to have that much value anymore. The humble monthly is the new ‘big’ bundle, and games that are willing to be in it will often also agree to be on gamepass, or be given away by twitch and epic. Gamepass does have that influx of games that signed exclusivity deals with epic but want another income stream, so that’s an even higher tier. So we have

  1. Epic exclusives on gamepass.
  2. Games relying on actual sales.
  3. Gamepass/humble monthly/twitch prime/epic freebies.
  4. Fanatical
  5. Indiegala (mostly trash)

Yeah that bit me the other day, I wanted to use Cheat Engine in a game and I couldn’t, it wouldn’t see the process.

As a fan of Microsoft’s GamePass early on I have come to the conclusion that the ‘going-away-part’ is a huge negative. They go away just too fast. One GamePass too many games… Therefore I consider it a mere demo platform or a way to play an AAA/exclusive title on release for a cheap resub.

The subscription model isn’t as fitting for games as it is for music or movies/tv shows since time is a more significant factor. Even if I like to own my music Spotify makes sense for daily use. I can listen to enough songs a week to enjoy the borrowed content wholeheartedly. But the subscription model for games just means the luxury of having a lot of demos. I cannot really make use of it since there are too many titles requesting too much time. And… Steam and EGS do basically have demos as well. With games you need to be more determined. That’s undermining the sub-model I think.

Game pass has its problems but it is indisputably a great value. It just isn’t for me, I want to own my games. But if I was a new gamer, or someone buying an Xbox for the first time, it would be just amazing.

I’ve recently dropped the Xbox part since my One S is a paperweight atm so at about US$4 per month is still worth it to demo games and particularly to play games that would be personally “one and done” like Outer Worlds which I enjoyed, but have no desire to replay so no need to own. Also to avoid buying MSoft titles that I assume will stay on the platform long term like State of Decay 2, Halo Wars and the AOE definitive editions, all of which I would likely buy otherwise.

Planetfall & Void Bastards make this a difficult choice. Already have Railway Empires and BSG Deadlock. Sigma Theory looks interesting too.

Wow what a bundle, i think it’s one of the best they’ve done since the start.

I’m one of those people who don’t have any of the 4 headliner games and wanted to play all of them. Such value!

If anyone else is in a similar situation, I noticed I already had Earthlock from a previous Twitch / Amazon Prime giveaway.

So, apparently my steam library has only increased via Humble Bundles in the past year. Steam is now telling me that since it’s been more than a year since I’ve made a purchase I"m no longer allowed to sell steam cards/inventory items in the marketplace lol.

So jealous!

I want this message!