Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

I went in this month… twice. I have subscriptions on two different accounts. I snagged Railway Empire. Which I have on Xbox but found to be too hard to play with the controller. The rest I distributed to my wife and kids. Glad to see AoW Planetfall since it has multiplayer and my wife, oldest son, and I can all play together. He likes RTSes as well so BSG is worth checking out. My middle son is a platformer fan so he grabbed the swinging one, the not-Megaman platformer, and Beat Shooty thing. My youngest was mildly interested in Void Bastards but the M rating waved him off. He did get Beat shooty thing too.

This bundle had something for everyone here.

Excellent month for me, having nothing at all. Had a few games of Planetfall and Void Bastards on GamePass but cancelled that service, so this bundle is great. Always wanted to try Deadlock too. Makes a change as I’ve been pausing for the last three-four months.

This is probably because Steambucks are a bit of an accounting hassle. It’s deferred revenue, since from an accounting perspective you’ve paid for something but Valve still hasn’t delivered the service. So they have to be considered liabilities on the books. The normal way companies deal with this is to deactivate accounts after a long period of inactivity, which for some reason lets them stop treating it as a liability even if they allow reactivating the account.

But I guess that doesn’t work for Steam’s case, since there are a lot of people with active accounts who just get their games from elsewhere. So the best they can do is try to stop these accounts from accruing Steambucks and making the problem worse.

(I wonder if you could just buy a single $0.05 trading card to unlock the ability to sell again).

So which 2 games should I skip? Nothing strikes me as complete rubbish or primarily multiplayer.

I skipped Yuppie Psycho and Verlet Swing as the least appealing to me, but it’s all down to personal preference.

Yuppie Psycho is pretty darn great if you like horror games. If you don’t, well. It’s horror. But it’s not one of those cookie cutter “explore a dark place and get jump-scared” things that are churned out to be fodder for face-camming Youtubers. It’s weeeeeird.


I kinda mistakenly got this month’s subscription when I decided to up my plan from basic to premium but wasn’t paying attention to the fact that they’d charge for this month immediately (although they clearly said that). Whoops! Guess I added 9 to my backlog minus Planetfall which I already had. None of the games were on my radar, but because y’all seem so enthused by them, I suppose it can’t be that bad.

Wow. Void Bastards is not just a novelty nostalgia shooter. I already know this is not going to be enough content for me at the pace I’m flying through it. BIG highlight for this month, though that’s probably not news to anyone but me.

Oh wow, there they go with that tempting offer again. I thought I was finally rid of the Humble Monthly temptation under the new payment scheme.

News to me. Hadn’t heard anything about the game before, but since everyone was excited about it, decided to give it a go. So far it’s been great. Very surprising.

People who got the June bundle, what was the bonus game ?

It was this:

Ah ok! Not something I would have played. :)

If you’re enjoying it, consider picking up the Bang Tydy DLC while it’s on sale, it integrates into the existing campaign neatly.

Didn’t someone say that DLC messed up the fun of the core game experience?

I don’t know, did they? I haven’t played much with it installed, but it just seems to add more variety to ship encounters. I need to get back to it at some point, loved the game.

[edit] Ok, there are a few Steam reviews that suggest the enemy is too punitive sucking oxygen. I basically avoided it like the plague, but it didn’t seem out of character with the game. But I really need to play more to know, I thought the base game was nicely balanced.

I just saw the new Warhammer bundle includes this month of Choice Premier in the highest tier (13$ US). New subs only, so use a different account if this interests anyone.

Huh, Humble sent me a free month of Choice Premium for no particular reason. (I never subscribed to Choice). It’s a bit surprising, since this seemed like a far above average month, but that’s the kind you’d maybe expect them to do if the numbers aren’t looking very good.