Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

I was so close to cancelling Choice two months back and I’m glad I didn’t. That’s a nice bundle, looking forward to Chimera Squad and ELEX.

Yep looks like a good month ahead!

Hmm, so more Bioshock-like?

How strange that they revealed early.

I’ve already got Chimera Squad (have played quite a bit, haven’t finished) and don’t know much about the other games, but Control is most definitely on my “get it at some point” list. Only thing I wonder is if whatever DLC is out for it is one of those where you can’t buy it for cheap later via magic Steam bundle that takes into account what you already have (assuming the DLC is even worth playing, of course).

If Control isn’t a Steam key, though, hmmm.

Is Hotshot Racing anything like Horizon Chase Turbo? Because that one was fantastic.

@Nightgaunt re: “owning forever” – Cool, it comes with immortality thrown in? Sold! ;-)

Very good selection of game, they are trying to make a return!

March is gonna be a great month!

Game Pass and Humble really make me feel bad as often as I feel good. Every time an amazing game I wanted to play pops up on one of these things, there’s another time when a game I just bought is featured on one of them (or in the case of Control, both of them!). To make matters worse I hadn’t even played Control before they came on there haha.

@Tim_N I know what you mean. In my case, this time around the only one I already have is Chimera Squad (which I admittedly got for half-price on launch), so it’s not too bad.

Control is almost definitely going to be an Epic Game Store key. I would prefer a Steam key but oh well. Anyone here played ELEX? How is it?

That would make this a very easy pass for me, instead of a difficult decision.

Yeah, I am surprised humble doesn’t give a choice between Steam and EGS.

We’ll see what they do, but that would be the smart choice. I’d cheerfully take a Steam key, or even more cheerfully take a DRM-free coopy through Humble or GOG (not that that would ever happen).

Hotshot Racing is an homage to Sega arcade racing games from the ‘90s. It’s definitely a nice inclusion in this bundle. Not as good as I’d hoped (I tested it) but also absolutely worth playing.

They do when you buy from their store.

I think jumping to conclusions about the form Control will be taking is premature currently. Not that I don’t understand where people are getting the idea.

Not really, Control isn’t a shocklike game at all. You run around and use your magic powers and guns to kill monsters. it relies a lot on exploration and has logs lying around for backstory, that’s really the only shocklike characteristic.

I mean in a way, most games owe a lot to Looking Glass these days, anything with “RPG elements”, but Control is much further away than Prey which has a direct lineage.

I guess I don’t have a lot of non-Shock, non-open worl reference points for modern shooters. What would you say it IS similar to, in terms of structure?

I would probably say F.E.A.R. is the closest. It didn’t inherit that game’s excellent enemy AI, but the gameplay is similar, lots of exploration of interior structures, shooting bad guys, magic powers, and supernatural elements.

F.E.A.R., by the way, holds up great these days if you can stomach its primitive graphics. Gameplay hasn’t progressed all that much in the past 15-odd years.

Control - Support announced that we would have a choice of Epic or Steam.

Must be the complete edition then, or people picking Epic would be booooned.

n/m 2345

(I had started a post earlier saying how the speculation had begun about it having to be an Epic key but hadn’t submitted it, then somehow it ended up posted even though I thought I’d discarded it).

Or…sounds like they’re going to make a separate-DLC version on Steam. Which is backwards AF, if you ask me, but apparently DLC entries have been spotted on Steam DB.