Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

Anyone else have this issue: If I ‘claim’ my keys for the month but don’t redeem them and then go to my key locker and sort by ‘remove items that have been redeemed’ the new ones don’t show, despite them being unredeemed codes?

I haven’t seen that, but aren’t the keys associated with a particular bundle (like the most recent one purchased in your case) grouped together? I remember you could sort by title and by purchase before.

Because it’s not next month yet. Humble Choice debuts at the start of the month and then you have the rest of the month to buy it or not. The only schedule change is that they’re now doing it on the first Tuesday instead of the first Friday. (well, and the day they charge you if you haven’t yet paused or paid has changed, but I always do one or the other so I don’t keep track of that.)

I am still confused, it is the first Tuesday of March and after the Control bundle email was sent out they also sent an email about my subscription being unpaused, which is usually what happens when one bundle is done and the next one announced.

OH, the difference here is that the Control bundle was announced early and only from today is it active, is that right?

That’s right.

I noticed some months ago (maybe with the change to choice actually) that when you get keys now they start out “revealed”, where they used to have the step where you click the slot and the key appears. Thus the “show unredeemed keys” is now useless. :(

Hmm, not for me. For me, when you pick a game, it asks whether you want to give it to a friend (and it provides a gift link) or use it yourself, in which case it provides a key (and gives you the option to redeem it from Humble’s site if you don’t want to copy it and redeem it using the Steam client.

Huh I forgot about the friend button. Which is weird because I thought they always said keys are for personal use only.

I think I’m on the fence about this one. I usually play strategy games and RPGs, but if the FPS games are good, I usually enjoy them as well.

But there is something to be said about games that are good, regardless of the genre.

Ok, I figured out why I had been missing it. If you do a multi-select claim on the games instead of doing them one by one it auto reveals the key and you lose the ability to gift via humble. It does tell you this when you turn on multiselect mode.

I always give out the games with the keys, it’s less bothersome.

It is easier, except that afterwards you have to check your library to see if you kept something or gave it away.

I’m not a fan of the new system. With the old one, I know an exposed key meant I had either claimed the game or given the key away. Now all the keys are already exposed when I look at my purchases, so I can’t tell which one’s I claimed/used and which ones are still available.

It would be great if they could at least put a checkbox next to each key that you could check to denote that you’d claimed said key.

Did the system just change for last month (the bundle with Endless Space 2) or something? Because this is the first I’m hearing of this.

It’s been this way since they moved to Choice over a year ago.

Well then I don’t understand why my keys aren’t auto-revealed, even for recent bundles (like the one with the Sunless games). I’m on Classic, if it makes a difference.

I get the “Choose your games” email, go to the page with tiles for all of them, click on a game, then can choose whether to show a key or get a gift link.

Classic plan here , keys also not auto-revealed.

There is a button that says “Select” on the top right of the page. If you click that you can then click each game and it gets a little highlight and a check. Then you click claim and it claims them all. That’s how I’ve been doing it because I’m on classic and it didn’t make sense to go one by one. But when you do that you can get gift links anymore because it’s essentially the same as clicking each one in turn and clicking claim. I completely forgot you could do that until papa mentioned that you can get the gift link instead.

I imagine this is where the confusion is coming in. Some of us are going one by one and some of us are clicking that special button, and a lot of us didn’t even realize (or forgot) there were two ways.

Guilty. I will have to pay more attention next time. What is really strange is that I went back and looked at stuff other than the Choice bundles (I’m also on Classic) and they now appear the same way (revealed) even for the games I didn’t claim keys for yet. I wonder if I changed a personal setting in the Humble UI somehow?

So I did the “pretend pause” thing this time around and got the $4 discount. Cool.

@SlainteMhath I don’t know. If there’s a setting like that, I’ve never seen it. You’re telling me that when you go to your list of Humble purchases over time every single game has its key revealed?