Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

Ah thanks, it must be because I paused last month then. I’ve rarely paused much until recently so that’s probably why I didn’t notice this before.

Yeah, I think it will work for up to two months after you subscribe, until the time comes to pay again.

Like I said earlier, I’m extremely good at pausing, and you know, it’s something to do.

I have gaming ADHD, so I want ALL THE GAMES, so for the most part the bundles are a great deal for me. I think I’ve only paused once.

Personally, I buy a couple of bundles a year. It’s worth keeping subscribed to maintain the lower rate for more games when those occasions pop up.

That is a very strange assumption about why people are pausing that, to my eye, is not supported by the data. Personally I’m not looking for “AAA headers” and I’m not perceiving a lot of stress or anger about the topic either. I’ve got games I’m looking for and games I’m not interested in. When a couple of the former show up, I happily hit “purchase.” I look forward every month to seeing what the slot machine will come up with. Hitting pause (six times) isn’t a big deal.

Come to think of it, this matches my experience too.

Isn’t it 20 bucks to get the full bundle as a new member vs the 12 for grandfathered Classic plans? I can click a few times to get it for about half price (I haven’t paused, but I totally could if I wanted to. Yep.).

Less, since if you pause a lot you’re virtually guaranteed a $4 discount the next time you buy.

Now where is that like button?

And I buy as many as 3 or 4, even!

For those of us grandfathered in on the classic plan, which we’d otherwise lose, it doesn’t make sense to cancel unless we’re absolutely, 100% certain we’ll never buy another bundle. You can pause as often as you like with no danger of dropping out of the plan.

Great month! Lot of good options for running on a laptop too, so I can get in some office gaming.

This is a good one for me, I’ve been waiting on a deal for Bloodstained to get my Castlevania on. I also got $4 off so it was a steal.

I wonder if HB would ever consider some sort of group wishlist system for Choice subscribers, to influence what games end up in monthlies.

I am slightly jealous of the people who can threaten to pause and get an additional discount, instead of a threat that my deal for getting 12 games for $12 will no longer be valid if I pause.

That threat has been pretty effective in keeping me on for 3 months when I didn’t really want the bundle. Threats are effective!

I think it is simply more people are going to make a reply when they do pause, vs. people coming in to say “not pausing” so the results are skewed. I’ve been subscribed for much too long, and don’t think I’ve ever paused because my Steam catalog must grow. I’m winning.

Yeah, what happens sometimes is that if you bought last month’s bundle and haven’t yet bought the newer one, you still keep your perks.* But if you paused last month you have to buy the current one to get them again.

*You can even game the system a bit by waiting till the last day or two to pause the current month, but buy things on the Humble store with the subscriber’s discount or d/l games from the Trove.

So when can we start blaming IGN for definitively ruining Humble Monthly?

It’s been better since the change to Choice, full stop. I’ve paused so much less, and even the bundles I skipped never seemed as bad as the Monthly bundles I skipped, but I had more info to make the decision.

From the sound of it I think the big thing that’s making it feel worse for folks is competition from Gamepass. As someone who thinks Microsoft’s store is a radioactive trash fire and would much rather own my games (to the extent that digital ownership is possible, granted) than rent them, I really don’t care what’s on Gamepass. But if you subscribe to that, it seems like there’s significant overlap.

A good Humble month is where at least a couple of my wishlist items are ticked off (Bloodstained, Superliminal), I’m introduced to a handful of games I wasn’t aware of but which look like my bag (the entire bottom row basically), and I’d at least consider checking out the others. There are really only a couple that are a hard pass. So yeah, good month!

And I agree with the sentiment that this is much more in keeping with the vibe of the original Humble Indie Bundle.

I generally buy one every 3-4 months on average, and would rather retain the option to do so for $8.

The main issue I’ve found is that every game that hits humble is on its way to the proverbial bargain bin, and this is just its first stop.