Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

Upon further consideration, Superliminal seems like it could be interesting, as well as Cepheus Protocol*. If I were 30 years younger and still had the twitch reflexes I’d probably play Bloodstained and the 3D platformer Blue Fire.

Anything that’s not primarily single player is out for me these days–real life obligations make it difficult if not impossible to schedule multi-player with people now.

*Although in a case like that, where the game is in early access, I wonder how much effort the devs are going to put into finishing the game when (as @Bluddy notes) the thing is this close to being in the proverbial bargain bin already.

I mean sure, but so what? Every game is on its way to the proverbial bargain bin following release. That doesn’t mean they’re not still potentially worth playing.

I almost exclusively buy super on-sale stuff just because they discount so fast. There is also a dearth of good games typically and so it takes a really, really good game for me to buy it full price or console (see Ratchet and Clank: Rifts Apart).

Enh, I caved. Suck it, haters! This is only the 4th monthly I’ve bought since “classic”. I am the king of pausing!

Anyway, got the $4 coupon. Already played a bit of Superluminal. Neat!

Interested to try Bloodstained, Carto, As Far as the Eye, Nowhere Prophet, and maybe Encodya.

All you whining serial pausers will be missing out

Why does that guy immediately make me think of Bill Clinton?

Because he is pretty cool, all things considered?

I have a spare Bloodstained key available, PM me if you want it. gone

Best Video Game Trailer of 2021, hands…uh…down.

Great indeed. But I wonder what motivates people to do something like this. The game’s obviously more a pop-gaming-art-collage than gaming, isn’t it? I can’t decide if the people who made it really wanted to make a game or something else. And if it’s something else… is there a market for it? And if not… how can one afford to do stuff like this? I guess you really have to be an artist.

I dunno, it feels like the best video game trailer of 2015. Now it’s just “oh yeah, one of those”.

Many games maintain their prices for a very long time. If humble is just the first stop once the dev is finally ready to seriously drop the price, I can wait a little to get even better prices, especially since out of every bundle I’m interested in only a few of the games. Recently I tend to pause and instead just buy the games I actually want.

Humble just charged me for the choice bundle after I had paused. This is the second time it happened! Are they defrauding customers now assuming we won’t notice?

I opened a support ticket and am sure they’ll refund it but still-- scummy.

Did you get an email notification from them or what? I haven’t gotten one.

BTW, weren’t they doing a thing one month where the bundles were auto-charged not the last Tuesday but the one before, or did I dream it? I thought it was going to be that way going forward for all future months.

Yes I did, and a notification from my bank when they charged me.

Well, that sucks. And you had gotten the confirmation email before about pausing? There’s a glitch somewhere, clearly.

I paused yesterday. I’m frickin’ Iron Man about pausing Humble Bundle. I set reminders every month.

This is the second time it’s happened. If I didn’t watch my finances closely I would have just let it go, hell, it’s only $13 right? But that’s fraud.

I’m unsure of yours and Humble’s time zones but did you definitely pause on the Monday? You need to pause before the last Tuesday.

Yeah, it was just yesterday.

So anyone want to trade games with me? I forgot to pause even when I know I don’t want anything from August. 😭 So PM me if you want to trade. All 12 games for August are up for trade.

PS: clarified the month.