Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

Posted on the actual game thread, but picked up Midnight Protocol and successfully activated on Steam for less than 1/2 a Euro on Eneba if anyone still on the fence re picking up Choice just for that.

Thanks for the heads up. It was a little less than $1 for me. About half for the game plus half for some fee they charge.

That was the only game in the bundle I’d probably actually play, so $1 is great.

Wow, guess I’ve gotta check that store out once in a while.

It appears to be a key reseller/marketplace. YMMV whether you are comfortable with buying stuff there but I wouldn’t personally. In this case the cheap keys are very likely resold from the Humble Choice bundle, but it’s also a great way to end up with fraudulently purchased keys or similar.

What is a “fraudulently purchased key”? Genuine question, not being argumentative.

I have purchased 12 keys from there, no issues yet.

Most fraudulently-purchased keys are purchased using stolen credit/debit card info.

Oh I see.

There have been cases like this:
Guy(s) with stolen credit card(s) buy(s) a thousand keys from the store on the dev’s homepage. Credit card company doesn’t pay the money, the keys are gone and will be sold. The dev didn’t get money, actually has costs and has to spend time on CC things, loses own sales because the resold stolen keys frab a piece of the market. And the cherry on top: If he disables the keys, he is perceived as the bad guy.
At least one indie developer made some headlines when he said it was better for him if players just got a cracked copy of the game for free than such stolen & resold keys.

Yes, and many times you’ll see resold keys which were given away to “influencers” for review and such. Scumbags all the way down.

Eneba seems like the least shady key reseller (aside from maybe I have gotten my ps plus membership from them a couple of times. Probably most of their keys come from, e.g. people selling unwanted bundle keys.

The problem is you can never really tell. If that doesn’t bother you go for it, just with your eyes open.

There’s a difference between a reseller, who lets whoever sell any keys they have to hand there, and something like Greenmangaming or even CDkeys, who as far as I can tell are the sole vendor on their site and just maybe take advantage of regional pricing or the like. I am not ashamed of buying keys from stores like the latter, even CDkeys (who seem shadier than GMG, certainly). I don’t trust resellers. Part of why I even buy games (it’s so easy to pirate them if I were so inclined) is to make sure the creators get paid. And I can’t guarantee that with an unknown key source. Nor can I guarantee it won’t get disabled or me in some sort of trouble. As stusser says, if you’re okay with those possibilities in exchange for a cheap key, go in with your eyes open. I’m just saying I’m not, and letting folks know so they can make their own call.

Hm I guess it might be a bit safer if it’s a game that was recently included in a bundle. Otherwise, unless it’s some low priced off-region activation workaround, a really cheap price is probably too good to be true (and legit).

I ran the numbers on 3 games I am buying this month on Humble vs Eneba/CD Keys. The games are Dying Light 2, Elden Ring and Disciples: Liberation. Humble Choice costs $12 for the monthly, but you get a $12 discount each in DL2 and ER and $6 in Disciples. Plus $6 in wallet credits. That’s $24 off which puts the prices almost the same as the key sellers. (pretty sure my math checked out)

While I have used both Eneba and CDkeys with no issues, I think Humble with Choice may still be the way to go for making multiple big ticket purchases. Plus they aren’t sketchy key sellers.

Of course, starting with the February Monthly, if you Pause a month your discount will drop to 10% when you come back. Don’t know if you factored that in.

Not sure what you mean? I haven’t used the Monthly since 2018. I plan to sign up for the monthly in Feb, purchase my games and then cancel the month. Will that not work?

When you first sign up, you’ve already spent the money for that current month and are stuck with those games willy-nilly. If you’re down with that no matter what they are (and if they give you the 20% discount for that same month as a new subscriber) then I suppose it works. So your plan would be to cancel Humble Monthly entirely right after buying ER and DL2 etc.?

Seems like if they give new subscribers the 20% right off a lot of people would do that if they like the current month’s games. Easy to game the system that way, but I suspect Humble will catch on eventually and not give 20% off right away.

You need to sign up before February 1st to be grandfathered in at 20%. If you ever skip a month you reset back down to 10%. The discount amount won’t reach 20% again until 12 consecutive months of membership.


Ah, as I suspected, they won’t give new subscribers (starting Feb. 1st) the full 20% off. And having to sign up before that date means that you have to buy January’s games (Mafia Definitive Edition, Iron Harvest etc.), since they don’t reveal February’s bundle till February 1st, right?

Now on the bright side that means that if February’s games are hot garbage (which I doubt since they want to reel more people in), then you wouldn’t have to buy them if you cancel before the last Tuesday of February, and could enjoy the 20% discount in the meantime.

I honestly don’t care about the Bundle games. I just want the discount. So I will still get the 20% if I buy Choice in January?

This is what the Elden Ring page looks like. I just assumed I would get the $12 discount.