Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

Sure, but you’ll have spent 12 bucks on January’s Bundle of games, unless I’m very much mistaken (if you like the January games, more power to you, if not, what’s the point).

The point is to get 20% off on other games which makes paying the $12 worthwhile.

If you’re planning to buy a couple more games besides Elden Ring as you indicated, that’s a good plan.

For myself, I generally find that other stores have better deals most of the time, so I don’t pay much attention to the discount. That said I am currently tempted to get Valheim with the sale price+discount (the discount does stack, or has) for 12 bucks just to see what all the fuss is about.

Is “wallet credit” (which I assume the “$3 back” thing mentioned in the image) something they only give for purchases on more expensive or newer games, BTW?

Valheim is a good game with friends; currently waiting on the next update with my gaming group.

Oh nice. That’s a good price. Is that game expected to be a 2022 release, or is it 2023? Does anyone know?

How is it as a single-player game? Only buy if you’re into survival games?

Unfortunately these days my very extended adolescence (I’m 60 but in some ways live like I’m still in college-- being single helps) is no more, since I’m my mother’s caretaker (memory issues, can’t really live by herself).

Definitely only if you like survival/crafting games. It’s a fairly relaxed game as the genre goes. It’s not spoiling anything by saying you’re already dead, so “survival” is more about overcoming obstacles, retaining inventory (although there’s still corpse runs you can do) and maintaining skill levels than any dramatic risks. Although it should be noted the game is far from completely chill; AI assaults happen as rare events, boss battles to unlock next tiers, certain biomes being exceptionally challenging, etc…

However, there’s only the skimpiest barebones of a story and a limited variety of enemies; Valheim is primarily for lovers of sandbox games. Because of that lack of story content, I’d suggest playing with friends on a closed server, but it’s not like you need to arrange raids or worry about PvP events.

You and I seem to have similar taste in games based on purchase habits and other threads. I went into Valheim thinking it would be a fun little Minecraft-like diversion for a few hours while I was between games.

I’ve spent 150 hours in it so far.

I can’t explain the appeal other than “it just grabs you”. There is always another task you want to accomplish, always another area to explore just over that next hill, always something new to find or build…and while it is quite hard at first, overcoming those initial challenges and slowly learning the limits of what you can do as you advance through the biomes and discover more and more is a big part of the fun.

If you dig survival/exploration/crafting games at all, you will enjoy Valheim. $12 is a steal for it.

Did Valheim ever tweak the drop rate and/or wildlife density? It wasn’t a bad game but, playing it a year ago, it was just miserably grindy, especially if you died and had to replace your gear. It took eons to get a few scraps of leather because there were too few boars and the ones that were present often dropped nothing when killed.

There was clearly the germ of a great game there, but it was a total chore to play at that point.

You can get a similar price at greenmangaming without all this humble choice nonsense.

Boars can be tamed and farmed.

I’m honestly not much of a survival game guy. The Long Dark and Don’t Starve for instance do not appeal to me much at all, nor does Minecraft (although I’m impressed with the stuff some people, including my nephew, have created in it). I played about 60 hours of No Man’s Sky two-three (four?) years ago till I got tired of the resource-gathering/base-building grind, but they’ve added so much to that that I’d like to check it out again (plus it’s so pretty).

Everyone was falling all over themselves (I would go so far as to use an expression involving “cream” and “jeans”) about Valheim when it came out that it intrigued me. Still, Early Access and all.

What’s the reproduction rate? Because it’s not an exaggeration to say there were 3 boars on the whole starter area of the map we were playing on and they did not respawn especially quickly.

If you get a pair, FAST. However, I believe there’s a maximum sustainable amount in a given area. One- and two-star variants will give birth to more of the same and will then provide even more leather & meat when slaughtered.

Edit - it should be noted they’re quite tricky to tame if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, so check out some guides if you don’t want several misadventures.

Interesting. Well, if I ever get back to it I’ll clearly have to do that. Considering the game mechanics its basically required, it seems.

Well you can’t wear cream jeans now anyway as it’s after Labor Day.

I think they did tweak boar spawns and locations some after launch, and some map seeds can be pretty terrible on certain resources, including boars in the meadows regions. I had the opposite experience, as boar spawns were pretty much everywhere in the meadows of my initial map seed. It was Thistle in the Black Forest that was my personal bane. Black Forest everywhere, but Thistle few and far between.

I doff my hat to you, sir.

I’m still tempted to try Valheim out, and this is a darn good price. Hope there’s a roadmap for the publisher to release it before the 32nd of Nevruary of the year the sun goes nova.

Well, I did it, I bought Valheim and started a game. I do see the appeal. Don’t know how I’m going to put a roof over my workbench but it seems like a good time. The world seeds are random I take it? And it seems to auto-save when you quit?

Grabbed Valheim too. Bee hives are a pain in the ass early game, but enjoying it so far.

Does a new monthly drop tomorrow?

I am bad at calendars.