Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

Indeed, sir. And maybe, just maybe, if we wish hard enough and clap our hands, Tinkerbell will live, and more importantly, Terminator Resistance will be one of the games! ;-)

The more people that buy it during the new years sales, the better chance it will be in the monthly bundle!

Do your part people!

Well, no Terminator: Resistance for us this month.

Borderlands 3 and Borderlands 3: Director’s Cut are the headliners. One would think the latter included the base game but apparently it’s just a DLC collection. The other games (which I know nothing about) are:

BLACK BOOK 94% of 2,672
PER ASPERA 72% of 2,285
BEFORE WE LEAVE 79% of 744
PARADISE LOST 72% of 918
EVERHOOD 96% of 6,485
CALICO 90% of 2,056

I think I may be over Borderlands these days. Heard that 3 had lost some of the magic, too.

Paradise Lost is an ok walking sim.

Borderlands 3 is the best Borderlands game and the worst Borderlands story.


BL3 is excellent, if you somehow don’t already have it. The Director’s Cut is a minor DLC, and is included in the various season passes which are not included.

The rest of the bundle is garbage I have zero interest in, so I’m gonna pass.

I am curious about Black Book. It looks promising. If I didn’t have Per Aspera and Before We Leave it would be a shoe in.


Per Aspera was also good.

It very well may be, I just don’t personally enjoy the genre.

Now if they included either of the BL3 season passes, that would be a great bundle. I’ve been waiting for those to go on real sales for what feels like years now. I don’t have any immediate impulse to play them but I’d like to one day.

I do applaud their move back to including a “banner” AAA game in this month’s bundle. If I didn’t already own BL3 I would absolutely get this bundle.

I gather the writing is not as good as before because of the previous main writer leaving Gearbox due to some dispute or other, but what is so great about Borderlands 3 gameplay-wise?

Nothing, it’s just more Borderlands. If you enjoy that looter-shooter gameplay, BL3 is a good one.

Guess this is when I complain about it being Steam only, I have BL3 on Epic, but not director’s cut.

And looking at it, the feature I truly wanted is part of Designer’s Cut, not Director. One of these days they’re going to come out with the Snyder Cut DLC for this, aren’t they?

Eventually there’ll be a game of the decade edition or something yeah. Probably shortly before or after Tiny Tina comes out this March.

I have Borderlands 3 Ultimate edition on Stadia! (For $1)

I’ll have to check the other games in the bundle to see if it’s worth it.

Wow, you actually subscribe to the stadia pro thingie? That’s astonishing.

I do not. But for $1, I couldn’t resist getting Borderland 3 Ultimate.

Stusser is right, it’s not especially different, it’s just the best it’s been. The playable characters have interesting builds and abilities, the loot is good, the moment-to-moment shooter gunplay is great, the progression is satisfying, etc. My only complaints about the game are the story (which commits the crime of being boring, which is so much worse than simply being bad, and it’s overly long to boot) and some light GaaS nonsense (which mostly manifests in the way of time-limited events).

Normally, I would say you could just ignore the story and focus on grinding loot, but the game makes you replay that story a few times on harder difficulties, if I remember correctly. It became too much of a chore for me, which is why I ultimately put it down.

I never even got to the endgame but I enjoyed the journey, the moment to moment gameplay is excellent. No need to grind if you don’t feel the urge.

In that case this is probably a skip for me, but I’ll wait till the last minute if I find out any of the indies are decent*, and then only not skip if they give me a bribe, which they probably won’t because I bought last month’s bundle.

*and to take advantage of the 20% discount if something good comes up before the last Tuesday of February.