Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

I was going to buy Blade Assault on the last Steam sale and missed it. Since absolutely nothing else that interested me this month., if anyone wants to sell me their Blade Assault key please let me know!

If you don’t get any hits and you don’t mind possibly getting a grey market key, it’s available for ~$1.50.

Is today the last day to Pause? PSA and all that if it is.

I think I’m going to stay unpaused (although I’ll probably fake pause today for the discount). Never played a Wasteland game but for 8 bucks, why not.

BTW, was Signalis ever in a Choice bundle, anyone know?

Signalis doesn’t have a reason to be in a Humble Choice bundle, it’s part of the Humble Games Collection that Humble Choice members have access to.

Just install from here:

Ah, cool, thanks. It appears that it’s also (for now) on Game Pass.

Three games for January leaked:

Doom Eternal, OlliOlli World, Tribes of Midgard

If you somehow don’t already own doom that’s an amazing deal. But of course, we all do.

If those are the headliners that’ll be an easy skip. That’s something of a relief, I made the rookie mistake of buying some stuff in the Steam sale before tomorrow’s reveals and was worried I’d end up needing to return things.

Absolutely, I still have my copies of Doom AND Doom 2!

…or we tried it in gamepass, found it boring and uninstalled it :)

Gotta admit, I’m hella envious of anyone who lives such an action packed lifestyle they find Doom Eternal boring…

Oh it was on game pass? Didn’t know that. Worth buying otherwise, assuming you don’t already know you dislike it.

I don’t find it boring, I find it exhausting, I’ve tried it twice, and I’ve twice left it, the whole use all the guns, change guns several times a minute, get amo, get life, use your skills, holy fuck.

I’ll give it more tries, but I much prefer a differently paced game.

I think it’s fine to find Doom Eternal exhausting for those reasons. As well as not liking it for those reasons.

‘Boring’ though… Boring!

Like, am I missing out on some glorious FPS action somewhere that makes Doom Eternal feel like it’s glacially paced?! Coz I wanna play that! Right now!! (and don’t say Hyper Demon!)

Why are we talking about Doom instead of OlliOlli World?? Thrilled to see this in the mix!

I don’t own Doom Eternal but that’s because I got tired of the previous Doom reboot well before the end and none of what they changed for Eternal was for the better from my perspective. (I would even have welcomed more lore, if it had been good but it isn’t.)

I got Doom Eternal on Steam Day One because of how much I loved Doom 2016. But yeah, sadly, I found it too exhausting to play. But I just rebought the whole thing again with the Year One DLC on Xbox, so I assume I’ll go back to it at some point.

Someone linked to last year’s Quarterlies, so I was reminded this morning: Oh yeah, Qt3 really loved Wildermyth last year. And I was waiting for that to show up on Humble Bundle, and I guess I’m still waiting. Looks like it’s only 25% off in the current winter sale.

I have plenty else to play, so I’ll be patient.

I mean, I don’t find it boring as in glacially paced, I just find it boring because…I wasn’t having fun with it. So many tutorial nonsense messages and rigid design and…whatever

I can however recommend Prodeus, which I finished and enjoyed throughout.

It’s live:

I would have been all in on this bundle if it had been December’s, as I actually do not own Doom Eternal and Encased was on my wishlist. But Epic literally just gave Encased away for free during their holiday sale, and I don’t have enough interest in Tribes of Midgard, OlliOlli or Grow to make it worth the $12. Looks like I’m out, which means if February is good I can get $4 off for skipping this month.

That said, Encased is supposed to be very good, so if you missed the Epic giveaway, and you have even a passing interest in any of the other titles, nabbing everything for $8-$12 is a good deal.

Ooooh, Encased! Now I won’t feel as bad about missing the free giveaway on Epic Game Store that one day.

I already have Doom Eternal. I guess Olli Olli World is the other one I’m mildly curious about.

I’m looking at the Steam page now for “Grow: Song of the Evertree”, and I’m very confused as to what this game is.