Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

Hahah Encased again! Sure am glad I refunded on Steam!

This would be a great month if I didn’t own Doom and somehow escaped being encased, but the rest of the games don’t erect my nipples so another pass.

I went into this one thinking “skip” but I’m kind of intrigued by a number of the non-headliner games, like Olli Olli, Grow, and Serpent Rogue. I’m not sure I’d realistically ever get around to Encased but as a non-EGS-user that would be new to me as well. Hmm, I’ll have to give this some thought.

I haven’t played a Doom game since Doom 2 and find it hard to envision playing a linear first person shooter in 2023, but is Eternal at least a good one?

Nevermind, definitely don’t need that. Still, the indies might make the whole thing worthwhile despite the headliners.

Eternal is the best one for pure action. And I don’t only mean doom games, I mean games in general. Nothing will get your heart pounding like it.

It isn’t a relaxing chill time, needless to say.

Hey, it’s Grow! That’s the follow up to Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. That was a big open-world adventure and farming(-ish) game with no combat, and I assume Grow is similar. Really excited to see this in the bundle.

Thank you, I thought that art style looked familiar. Yeah, I may actually get this and just give away Doom and Tribes. Hilarious.

Skipping because of how Doom’s team treated Mick Gordon. Ain’t giving them a dollar.

Grow & Serpent Rogue look interesting. Reviews on some of the bottom 4 aren’t so great.

They got a nice ‘big game’ but apart from it, it sure is a weak month. No interest in ANY of the others (except maybe Encased which surprise! i have it).

Yeah, “most definitely [not] my bag” this month, to paraphrase Austin Powers. I have Doom 2016 and haven’t even gotten that far into it on normal difficulty so if I’m in a DOOM mood I’ll play that. And the only other one that looks remotely like my bag is of course the one I already have thanks to Epic’s freebie.

Looks like I may have to fake pause for this month.

Some supposedly overlooked games from last year are in a new Humble Bundle:

I’ve heard very good things about Haiku the Robot. And I assume the Supraland sequel is as smart as the original.

Wow, I’ll probably get that. $15 for Haiku The Robot, Supraland 6 inches Under and Powerslave Exhumed seems like a good deal. I’d been curious to checkout the Powerslave remaster since Digital Foundry looked at it. Not to play it for long, but just to check it out briefly.

The question is if additional money is warranted for the other games. I guess I’ll have to do some research on Submerged (which is on my wishlist on Epic Game Store, so I must have liked something about it), Zero Sievert and Prehistoric Kingdom.

Yeah that seems a good bundle. Bought.

Wait wait wait. Which bundle did you buy? 4 items, 6 items or 7 items?

  1. I know I will never play the dinosaur tycoon game, despite the graphics looking nice.

Submerged was an Epic giveaway at some point. You may already own it!

Oh shit! redeemed too late, I could have gifted that one.

I wasn’t even aware there was a 2nd submerged game.

Me neither. I know I played some of the first one but I don’t recall much about it.

This one (was) a stadia exclusive iirc.