Humble Bundle key redemption is awesome again (mostly) but the games are kinda meh

If I didn’t already own Pathfinder 2 I would absolutely go for that bundle. Great CRPG, right in my wheelhouse. Fallout 76 I wouldn’t assign any value at all.

This is me, too. I was a Kickstarter backer, so this doesn’t do me much good, but it’s a fantastic deal for anyone that doesn’t have Wrath of the Righteous.

How about Thronebreaker?

It’s a card game. If you enjoy them it is supposed to be a good one.

Ok thanks

Looks like the leak was spot on.

A great bundle for $12 (possibly $8), but sadly I already own Pathfinder WotR:EE and ThroneBreaker from previous bundles elsewhere, and while I love the Fallout franchise, I love it as a solo RPG, not as a multiplayer online game. None of the indie content really interests me either. Pause.

Wait, so the leak was for a reveal that was later the same day? I feel like I spent some brain cells that I’d like to get back please.

One of the Steam curators I follow calls Othercide “Into the Breach for hypergoths.” For whatever that’s worth.

Othercide is a surprisingly positively reviewed turn-based tactical combat game, like Xcom. It may or may not be a roguelike, some people referenced that.

Shady Part of Me is another highly positively reviewed puzzle platformer. This one I’m actually kinda interested in, at least to put on my backlog, but not enough to spend $8.

Five Dates is shockingly well-reviewed. It’s a FMV rom-com basically. If you have any interest in this sort of thing, it’s probably worth eight dollars.

I’m gonna pass, because I already own (and love) Pathfinder 2 and the rest of the games don’t speak to me personally, but clearly they aren’t scraping up garbage this month. Other than F76 of course.

Couldn’t figure out where I recognized one of the actresses from. Turns out she was one of the recent companions on Doctor Who (Mandip Gill).

Hey, also… your post seems to imply that you can always get the bundle for $8, but I think most of the time I consider pausing I don’t get offered that deal. Anyone know the conditions for that?

This is a tricky month for me, with games that seem good but I’m just not sure I’ll get around to playing.

Very good bundle. Will be unpausing after very long time.

From what I can tell, if you paused the previous month and go to pause again, they always offer you $4 off.

Okay! So it’s because I purchase more often than I pause. I think I’ve only paused twice in a row once since the start of the program.

Indeed, and since you presumably found $12 in value those months that’s nothing to be concerned about.

This is precisely me. I feel like this is a really strong bundle, just not a really strong bundle for me personally.

Yeah, I played a few hours of it on Xbox. Pretty enjoyable tactical roguelite, though unlike Into the Breach, it has substantial carryover between runs, which put me off a bit. Also, the aesthetics are kind of a lot, so I had to be in the right headspace to enjoy it.

What kind of game is Thronebreaker, anyway? From the Wikipedia description it seems it’s an RPG but with Gwent cards determining…stuff (battles?).

Adventure with a bit of rpg elements, travelling with a roaming army represented by the cards. I liked it.

It was mentioned by @RichVR that Fallout 76 is now very much in a playable state.

Might be worth revisiting.

I would say so. But I can’t speak to @stusser’s possible opinion.