Humble Bundle - Mojam?

No thread for this? Its from Feb 17-19th.

Almost 40k people donated already with just under $225k in total donations! And Notch said if they make $1 million dollars in donations, he will shave off his beard!

                 The Humble Bundle Mojam 
       [B]Mojang and friends have one weekend to make your game -- live![/B]  The indie studios Mojang, Oxeye Game Studios, and Wolfire Games will be  livestreaming all the glory and drama of making brand new games in 60  hours. Based on a poll of more than 100,000 users, Mojang and Wolfire will be  tackling a real-time strategy shoot 'em up, with a steampunk, ancient  Egypt theme! Oxeye Game Studios is crafting a dungeon crawler beat 'em  up set in a post-apocalyptic World War II.

the live developer feed has been moderately interesting.

Yeah, I threw some money at this just out of support for transparent game design. Documenting the making of a game from beginning to end is fascinating. People should stare at Notch’s furrowed brow as he codes for two hours straight.