Humble Bundle Store

10 percent of the purchase goes to charity. 75 percent to game creators. 15 percent to the Humble store. No slider.

Wow, Euro Truck Sim 2 is the cheapest I’ve ever seen it. Totally gifting a copy of that.

Prison Architect is at its cheapest ($15)

Huh. What a strange turn of events.

Presumably new split based on average of thousands of transactions.

Makes complete sense here. Good to have games on demand, not have to wait for anticipated games to appear/disappear in bundles. Bundles still appear to be intact and available.

Not exactly on demand, it looks like the store is still time limited, they just aren’t bundles.

The Humble Store will have many more games than could possibly fit in a Humble Bundle, but still with fantastic limited-time discounts.

Seems like they’re trying to accommodate seller demand by expanding their lineup to more than just ~10 games / 2 weeks.

My memory might be faulty but I think it was available for around $12+ somewhere.