Humble Bundles are now awesome again


Allegedly, yes :)


So does anyone play Overwatch? I suspect it’s the kind of game I could try and I’d get my ass handed to me and my own teammates would scorn me because I lack “skilz.” Seems like $12 is a good price for it and Dungeons III looks cool.


I was under the impression that the Dungeon series was more Overlord than Dungeon Keeper. How accurate is that?


Lol, this is so typical…

I’m going to get Dungeons 3 before having the change of playing Dungeons 2, which is waiting for my on (long) pending game list.


I recently got it from the bundle. I think in casual play, there is much less toxicity. Its only once you start playing ranked matches that it gets rough.

I’ve been playing this and Rainbow Six Siege a lot lately, and I find casual Overwatch to be much more relaxing than Siege (though I still think Siege is deeper and better designed).


It’s really a very good game, and casual/unranked games rarely have scorn. The characters are so different from each other that it’s relatively easy to find one that fits your playstyle. It’s the only FPS I’ve played online in years.


$25 humble store wallet credit if you sign up for an annual plan plus one month free. I just got rid of my monthly and then went to annual. Works out under $9 per month.


The annual plans stack as well, so if you are already on one you can add a year to it. (At least that’s how it worked about 6 months ago when I did it)


Paused, I’ll check back next month. Online only game isn’t my bag.


If I subbed for annual like two weeks ago, I am SOL, right?


Email support. It’s worth a try and the worst that will happen is nothing.


Submitted a support request asking about it. Do not expect anything but hey, maybe I will get surprised.


I’m seeing it as… you can buy it as a gift plan if you have an active subscription which you can then redeem later I guess, but you don’t get the store credit when you purchase it as a gift plan. Looks like this a no-go for current subscribers.


I had the same issue. I just cancelled my monthly subscription and then bought the annual plan.


It let me upgrade my monthly plan to the yearly plan, then gave me the 25 dollar credit on a following screen. Probably doesn’t help you now, but might help someone else.


The rest of the games better be good cause I forgot to pause and I already own Overwatch. Is the key provided the one with the founder skins, or whatever? I only bought the $40 version originally.


FYI there’s small text saying if you ever got wallet credit from a previous Humble Monthly related promotion you’re ineligible.


Is there a code or anything for me to enter to get this? I went to change my plan, and it just says 1 free month (or was I too late?)

edit - nevermind, I’m an idiot


PSA : If you think you paused your subscription earlier this month, check it again in the next few hours.

I am 99% sure I paused my Humble Monthly Sub earlier in September, like a day or so after the last bundle went live. I just happened to get an email today telling me to “enjoy my early unlocks”, checked my subscription, and saw that somehow I was still active! Thankfully, the payment date is now listed as Oct. 3rd (tomorrow), and not last Friday. I was able to pause again, this time it confirms my pause on the subscription page.

I wonder if this happened when they changed the payment date? It’s been the Friday before the bundle release at 12:00AM EST for as long as I can remember, but now it looks like they’re moving it to only a couple of days prior to the bundle release.


WTF?? I got a confirmation email when I paused last week, but a couple of days ago I got a mysterious looking one that made it seem I was still unpaused. Thanks for the heads-up.

And sure enough, I was scheduled to be billed tomorrow, no pause on record. Serious BS.