Humble Bundles are now awesome again


Yeah Humble Bundle would be great if I didn’t buy anything else.


I’ve used it for my PC gaming for awhile now. I always consider any PC game purchase in the context of the Humble Monthly and whether it could show up there and how soon I think it might.

For the most part, that’s been pretty good for me. I end up knocking things off my wishlist often. It’s a good use of $12.


My impulse purchasing has gone way down since I started getting Humble Monthly. $144/yr is a big improvement from $300+/yr.

I don’t play most of the games I get from it, but honestly I wasn’t playing most of the games I bought without it.


And yes, this is the crux of the issue for me. I’m not enjoying piling up games that I’ll never play, and yet when a game is released that I do want to play - when I’m in the mood for that kind of game - there’s a nagging feeling that if I only waited several months / years it will eventually be given away for peanuts in a bundle. By which time I’ve probably lost interest and it will join the pile of disinterest. So I feel like I’m saving money by not buying bundles and - this bit is important - not buying games that aren’t in a bundle either, unless I’m going to play them right now. See? I’m a genius! :) But seriously, given my backlog I find it much easier to have the willpower to avoid every interesting indie game that comes along. My wishlist still works on the FOMO aspect.

Having said all that, I still have not unsubscribed quite yet. :)

By the way I’m not trying to persuade anyone to do the same thing, I’m just trying to find ways to justify saving money!


I had the humble monthly on pause, but decided to try my luck and cancelled when I read about HB taunting Thraeg. I got the Deliverance offer today! Offer expires Oct 22nd 11:59pm, so it might be too late to try and cancel for it now, but you never know.


So did I, and it came through about 15 minutes after my previous post. Coincidence? Hmmm. That’s a dick move, considering that I really do want KCD and will definitely play it, and considering that the offer makes it cheaper than its current historical low sale price, plus you get 3 months of HB games on top, it’s kinda hard to resist isn’t it?

Just listen to me, trying to justify it! sigh


Imma let you guys finish, but here’s a question about these fixed term subscriptions to the Monthly – say you get a 3 month one: does that mean three consecutive months or can you still pause a month when the headliner doesn’t interest you?


Not sure about three month ones, but as a yearly subscriber I cant find any option to pause.


Add me to the list as well. I cancelled my perma-paused “subscription” on Thursday, and by Friday evening I had the email from Humble offering up Kingdom Come : Deliverance for free if I subbed for 3 months.

Given the fact that I am very interested in KC:D (was just waiting for a larger price drop), it’s pretty much a no-brainer as at worst it’s like getting it for $35 (it’s lowest sale price so far) with around 18 free games attached. While I’m not interested in any of the reveals this month, all it would take is another revealed game in any of the three months to be something I am interested in and suddenly the value of my purchase more than doubles. I like those odds.

My only concern now is that the site still shows my “subscription” as active through November, even though it’s cancelled, so I wonder if that will conflict with the deal and disqualify me from purchasing?


I’m not sure that I entirely trust this process anymore, especially after failing to pause my subscription last month. When I click on the “Purchase” email link for the KC:D offer, it takes me to the page to subscribe for three months, but there’s nary a mention of KC:D being offered to me for free. It’s just saying I can access the early reveals straight away if I go ahead.

But then, I have it very clearly in writing in my email that KC:D is free if I subscribe, so if there were any problems then I could send them the email as proof. I mean, they’d definitely honor that, right! Right? Hello?


I’m with you 100% on the skepticism, but pulled the trigger just now anyway. I’m saving the email with the link I used, the one that says KC:D is granted via email on the 23rd…so now it’s just a waiting game.


You people cray :) even if I give away half my codes each month (and check, I do!) this is still the best deal in gaming


I have 379 games in my Steam library and 103 games in my GOG library, most unplayed. What’s crazy is even buying more games at this point. And yet I probably will. The Monthly deal got me because I was curious about Overwatch and then Dungeons 3 looked interesting, so the CC got heated up again.


Not a doubt in my mind …

… although this is the one valid counterpoint. IF someone is interested in buying PC games, this is hands-down the best way to go.

I’ve been able to hold off on almost all new releases since joining the monthly plan, whereas in the past I would typically grab at least one hot, new (and therefore expensive) game fairly frequently. Now when I’m tempted, the next thought in my mind is, “This might be in a bundle in the future and I already have all these other games to play” and it becomes an easy decision to hold off. So at the cost of 2 new games of choice per year, I get upwards of 70 randomly selected and typically slightly older games.

But like Mark said, this still only makes sense if you’re in the market for more games.


Hah. I own 823 games in total, and played 412 of them, and finished 373.

And I have yearly sub :D


That’s the situation I’m in. No matter how good the deal is, it makes no sense to buy more games that will just be added to the pile of shame. Plus, it just leads to “too many choices” paralysis when you’re trying to figure out what to play next.

And I’m pretty good at not buying the new hotness at full price these days (though admittedly not as good at not buying it when it drops to half price or less, which is why the Monthly only works for me when I really want the headliner). Like right now, I’m just salivating for AC Odyssey, but then I realize that I have yet to complete Origins (which I really liked) or Black Flag. So I went back to Origins for a bit last weekend or the one before and actually back to Black Flag over the last few days (although that one feels a bit clunky now) just to wrap it up.


I definitely disagree. Not too long ago I went back and looked at past bundles and less then half the months would have been worth it when considering what games I already owned. I want it to be a good deal. I’ve been buying less games so I hope one day it will be a good deal for me, but it’s not there yet.

I got the Kingdom Come email too now so I’m tempted but I don’t want any of this months reveals since I already have the good ones.


Yup, I cancelled 12 months ago and haven’t had a moment of regret looking at the bundles I’ve missed. From where I sit there’s been a clear deterioration in quality (at least for my taste). I keep hoping for a reveal that’s actually appealing, but for now I’m much better off buying the occasional game I’ll actually play rather than inflating my backlog with a pile of shovelware I’ll never touch.


Humble Monthly is absolutely the best deal in PC gaming if you are looking to add quality titles that span a broad spectrum to your library every month. You could easily spend the $12 each month, play every game you get in those 30 days, and start all over the next month.

For me though, with over 1000 games already in my library between Steam, GOG, Twitch, UPlay, Origin and boxed copies…I’m no longer interested in adding “bulk” to my collection. I’m interested in specific games and types of games I know I will at least attempt to play, and I realize I will never have the time to play other stuff, even if it’s good, high quality other stuff like many of the Humble Monthly games.

For people like me, seeking specific games or specific genres, the Humble Monthly is only a good deal month-to-month, when you can pay $12 to snag that headliner that aligns with your interest. It doesn’t make it any less valuable for anyone else though, and it’s still a fantastic deal/service that I am glad exists.


I’m curious, how many of you have actually activated all the Steam codes in your HB collection and thus have contributed to your possibly-intimidating Steam backlog, versus having cherry-picked the stuff you wanted to play / thought you wanted to play immediately and thus have an alarming backlog of games you’ve possibly completely forgotten about (or aren’t particularly interested in)? Asking for a friend, of course.

(I’m assuming most of you probably won’t activate games that don’t interest you of course, I’m talking about games that might be interesting to you at some point)