Humble Bundles are now awesome again


I don’t understand. Is $30 the minimum?


Yes, and well worth that


I already reached my gaming budget for this month though. :(


Hmm. Maybe just do it for charity, and think of the games & stuff as a pat on the back? 100% of the proceeds from this bundle are going to the charities. (I’m SO good at rationalizing collecting games, you’d almost expect me to have an obscene number in my Steam account … oh, wait. I do)


Yeah, I had to just jump in at 30 bucks to the ACLU (Doctors without borders gets my money at SGDQ) for “The Witness”. I figured that I would dislike this game, as I really didn’t like Braid, I would wait for the price to drop to try it out. But I can’t say no to donating to the ACLU, and I already had subnautica, so no biggie that they used up all 100k keys.


I’d wanted Stardew and Subnautica, and being able to get Day of the Tentacle without giving a cent to Double Fine was the icing on the cake. Majority ACLU but everyone got at least $5.


New Monthy Bundled landed today. Not a great as last month:

Poly Bridge
Space Run Galaxy
Flat Heroes

Next month early buy is the Witness


Besides Warhammer, this bundle is entirely meh for me. Warhammer is so awesome I guess it balances out.


I don’t know any of those games but since I forgot to cancel I guess I own them now. Lucky me!


I already had Warhammer, but Space Run Galaxy is on my wishlist. The first was pretty good. Space Run Galaxy isn’t enough to carry the bundle, but Warhammer for that price is a good deal for sure.

Every month I get psyched to see what the reveal is and I always already have it or I’m not interested.


Rive is the only thing I was interested in before the reveal… definitely not as strong as last month. Pretty bummed about The Witness being next month’s early unlock since it was just in the Freedom Bundle.


PolyBridge and Space Run Galaxy were on my wishlist (I liked Space Run a lot). Morphblade looks like it might be interesting.


People who bought the Freedom Bundle can get 5$ credit instead of The Witness…


I’m actually interested in all of these games, even though I hadn’t heard of half of them.


This is how I feel too, same games on my wishlist also! ;)

So it turned out to be a great bundle once again!


I picked this one up for warhammer, which was worth the price, so what’s left was just gravy. There was nothing there that I was interested in or have ever heard from. Since I don’t want The Witness, and I’ve been underwhelmed by the under card for a few months, I’ve paused my subscription.


Warhammer for $12 was a ridiculously good deal, so I was prepared to receive half a dozen copies of Bad Rats and still pronounce the month a winner.

That said, I’m quite pleased with Space Run Galaxy and Rive. Poly Bridge I will probably never play, and Flat Heroes and One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 look decent but don’t really interest me too much. Still a fantastic deal this month for $12.

I’m out for next month though. Don’t need The Witness and don’t qualify for the $5 credit (didn’t buy the Freedom Bundle).

I’m a little ticked off at the Humble Store today though. Yesterday they kicked off a Kalypso Weekend sale. One of the items in the sale was Shadows : Heretic Kingdoms. It was marked 75% off at $4.99 and my Humble Monthly 10% discount made it $4.49. Instabuy for me as I’ve had this on my wishlist for some time. I waited until today’s Monthly Bundle reveal before making the purchase though, just on the tiny chance it might be somehow included. It wasn’t obviously, and it seems it was mistakenly included in the Kalypso sale yesterday as well, as today it’s back to $19.99 (full price). BAH! Knew I should have pulled the trigger yesterday.


Pardon the possibly dumb question, but can you actually do this? Or did you just cancel?


Cancel, then the pause option appears.

Also FYI , PolyBridge is pretty awesome from the gif’s I’ve seen so far.


While I haven’t played it yet, do NOT sleep on RIVE! It’s a superb shooter from all I’ve read. It’s also the last thing that studio will ever make unfortunately.