Humble Bundles are now awesome again


It isn’t very important imo, the super slow speed could well be considered a pause.


Didn’t know about the account linking, good to know. And, yeah, drop a note here if that’s the Steam version in the bundle. I guess they’re usually Steam keys in these bundles…


I really wanted to try the Wargame series and more specifically I’m interested in the WWII Steel Division but this is great because I can try the game now with Red Dragon! It’s a decent bundle. Furi is a cool game and well worth a look.

Quake Champions next month is an immediate win for me.


I rage quit Furi because it made me replay the boring shmup parts when I failed the interesting melee parts. YMMV.


Hey Tim, think you got a typo in there.


Here’s some information about the ESO parts:


Too bad you can’t trade the ESO key for the Morrowind expansion if you already own ESO :) Of course, I don’t play via Steam so that would still probably backfire…


Got my reply back from Humble, the ESO key is indeed a Steam key.

I’m in!

Also, if anyone new to Humble Bundle is looking to join for this bundle, remember that if you use a friend’s referral code that person gets a small Humble Store credit for the referral. I’m more than happy to be your friend if you need one. Just click my referral link. ;-)


Ah, good! I went ahead and did the early purchase for next month to get the ESO goodies, since I’ve been playing a lot lately. And getting it onto Steam is nice, since I play mostly via Steam streaming.


Good haul this month, Red Dragon is the only title I already had. Going to stay in this next round as well simply so I have ESO when Morrowind goes on sale.


If you’re comfortable going grey market, CDKeys has Morrowind (all regions) for $16 or so right now. It’s not a Steam key, so I don’t know how that interacts if you have the base game on Steam, but I can vouch for it working on the ESO account site. And that price includes the base game and a “Discovery Pack” DLC.


I feel like… the veil parts… I see beyond the careless stars… the void is an OPEN ALL-SEEING EYE… I know ALL… this thread title… will soon inspire ironic despair… behold:

IGN aquires Humble Bundle
Games Journalism 2017: Gaming news in a post-truth world

On the one hand… if you want to get into digital distribution and you’re IGN it’s not a bad purchase. On the other hand, PC game reviews from IGN are now completely worthless.


Now? IGN reviews have not been a watchword in utility that I can recall, ever.


Sure, I don’t think anyone here was holding IGN up as a shining beacon of games reviews that everyone should aspire to. But it’s a lot easier to question a review when they have direct incentive to say the game is awesome now that they get a ~30% cut of those sales.


Seriously, “now”? IGN has been a clownshoes laughingstock for over a decade.

It’s never been entirely clear what Humble’s business model was to start out, but I expect IGN will run them right into the ground regardless.




Glad I stuck with the monthly subscription. I was going to do a 12 month… :)

Canceled for November. Paused account to see what sneak peak game they put up for December.

This thread title may need to change again, Tom won’t like it. :D


Just have to change a W to a T, he’ll never notice!


God damn it the best value in PC gaming is now liable to go to shit. Well damn, it was good while it lasted.