Humble Bundles are now awesome again


Individual keys for each game.


September is out.

Banner Saga
WWE 2K16
Epistory - Typing Chronicles
Town of Salem
The Uncertain Episode 1 Demo
Spoolside (Humble Original)

I think I’m done. Next month’s featured game is Grim Dawn, and I already have it. And the “fills” for the last few months have been seriously weak.


Man, Soma was hard to resist. But I stuck to my guns. No purchasing bundles when I don’t have time to play them yet!

Looks like next month will be hard to resist again with Grim Dawn getting good buzz here for a while.


I already owned Banner Saga, but the rest are solid. Epistory and Sheltered were even on my wishlist.

Next month is Grim Dawn too, which is awesome if y’all don’t already own it.


I am glad I wanted Soma at that price because I backed Banner Saga and have very limited interest in the rest. Unfortunately I did not unsubscribe in time so I guess I get another game I backed on KS (Grim Dawn) and probably another hodgepodge of random stuff I don’t really care about. Whoops.


Tom will be giving away SOMA to one lucky contestant on his YouTube stream tonight.


I’m pretty sure you can still unsubscribe. They don’t charge you right away. There’s a grace period just for this scenario, to give month-to-month subscribers a chance to un-subscribe. At least that’s the way it worked before, if they changed something this month, maybe it’s different, but I bet it still works the same way.


Unless you decide to pay early, they bill about a week before the monthly bundle drops.


According to their FAQ you have to cancel at least a week before the previous bundle drops - I. E. Since I didn’t think to do it until 8/31, I am already on the hook for October’s.


This. You should be able to unsubscribe at any time prior to a week before the next bundle (Grim Dawn) drops if you’re on the month-to-month plan. If you did a 3/6/12 month plan then you’re on the hook for the term you subscribed for, but even then you can still unsubscribe at any time and it won’t renew at the time your term expires.

As for next month, I highly recommend Grim Dawn to anyone who likes ARPGs and doesn’t yet own it. At $10.80 (new subscriber discount) you’re getting a great deal on just Grim Dawn, so anything Humble pairs with it is a bonus. On the other hand, if you already own GD (like me), the most recent couple of months have not had as impressive a set of bundled games as previous months, so I am out once again.


Did they recently change it? I bought in prior to the April bundle (Mad Max), received the bundle (and was disappointed), then cancelled when I saw Rocket League was next up. I cancelled the day AFTER the Mad Max bundle I’d paid for dropped, and was not charged for nor did I receive the May (Rocket League) bundle.


Same here, exact same situation. No problems at all.


It’s possible I misread. I will check my account when I get home.

Edit: Yeah, it’s telling me I can pay now and get Grim Dawn right away, from the purchases window. So I guess I am officially only in it for the one month. Just as well. As I’ve said before, if the known game is worth the price of the bundle to me it’s not terrible to roll the dice on the rest of it (even if it didn’t really pay out this time), but that seems likely to be a rare occurrence.


There is one problem with the Humble Monthly. Since I signed up for the current one, every time I see a game I’m interested in that is on sale for cheap I think, “What if it is part of this month’s humble monthly?” First world problems, but it nags away at my brain.


So Tropico 4 is on the Humble Store for free. Catch is you have to link your Steam Account to Humble. I thought I did that a million years ago, but I guess not.

I am hesitant to do that, in the case that this prompts them to go back to all or nothing redemptions that spawned this thread. I will do about 90% fewer bundles if they don’t give me individual keys.

Smart or paranoid?


Smart imo. I got so many games on my backlog what is another Tropico 4 to me? Certainly not worth the hassle they want to put me through.


Paranoid. I have my account linked, and they always give me keys.


I have too, for years. I’m a little surprised they stopped using the link to activate a game and started offering the gifting option so readily, but that seems intentional either on their part or Valve’s (security risk?).


Seems like Valve disabled that functionality because no one else does it anymore either.


Both, and that’s a good thing! I thought the exact same thing when I saw they wanted me to link my Steam account. I don’t want to put myself in a situation where anything I purchase from Humble is auto-redeemed on my Steam account, as many times I buy a bundle for 2 or 3 games and like to give the rest away. Going back to linked redemptions or “all one key” situations is not something I would enjoy.

And yes, Steam did away with the previous incarnation of linking your account to redeem because of security concerns they had. They seem to have brought a different version of linking back in recent months though, as many contests run by various websites now require you to link to your Steam account to track entries and award prizes. That’s different than redemption though, so it’s hard to say if Humble is trying to bring that back or not.