Humble Bundles are now awesome again


Anybody get the Clickteam Fusion bundle? Several items seem to be missing from my redemption page. Never had that happen.


Yes - just checked back on mine, and two products have been added that weren’t there when I first bought it (the Android exporter and Developer upgrade). Seems complete now though.


Yeah, I figured out that certain things were source code only, but I also think the android exporter didn’t appear immediately. Regardless, think all is there now. Probably not going to mess with it for a couple of days, because I need to replace a case fan, but looking forward to giving it a go and seeing if I can get into it. There’s a 20 year-old game I’d love to try and recreate just to see if I can.


About 2.5 hours left if you want to grab Grim Dawn for cheap as part of this month’s bundle. If you’re a fan of Path of Exile/Diablo 3, I’d recommend it.


Damn, I literally bought Hotline Miami 2 like 2 weeks ago. :/ But Slime Rancher makes up for that 100%! I’ve been eyeing that for a while :)

The early unlock game for next month is Stardew Valley, which I already have. I wonder if it’s time to pull the plug on the monthly for at least just this month. I do friggin love that game so much though, so maybe I’ll keep the bundle just to share the love.


I’d of prolly subbed if I had known Slime Rancher was in there…


Oh nice, I’ve been wanting Train Valley and Slime Rancher! Yay!


I haven’t heard of any of these. (Except Grim Dawn of course).

So Slime Rancher is good I take it? What genre is that?


I paused my sub for this month because I already had Grim Dawn and their down-list games had been seriously weak for a few months. So of course they toss in Slime Rancher and a Deponia game. Ah well.


Hrm, I’m glad I canceled my subscription and didn’t get this month, but I’ve been interested in Stardew Valley so maybe I’ll hope on for next month.

I previously bought Stardew Valley but then returned it after playing it for 20-30 min since I simply wasn’t in the mood to play it at the time, but I recognized it was a great game I might want to play later.


Farming sim. ;)


I just bought Train Valley in September, knowing it may be bundle fodder. Oh well, it was pretty cheap. At first glance I’m not interested in any of the other games, but people here seem to be pretty positive about some of them so maybe I’ll be surprised.


You can subscribe for just one month right?
Stardew is tempting , but I don’t like mystery boxes due to the fact they usually are full of stuff I don’t want.


You can subscribe for 1 month. I’m not sure if I’ll keep my subscription or not. Looking at Stardew Valley, I don’t think it will be for me - but it gets a lot of love and I’ve been wanting to try it at some point. So far it hasn’t been cheap, so the price isn’t bad and the bundle may include something worthwhile.

Action Henk actually seems kinda charming.


That was a nice bundle this month. Grim Dawn for $12 (or $10.80) was a good deal on it’s own, then Slime Rancher and Hotline Miami 2 and Deponia Doomsday all made for good bonuses.

Stardew Valley has a lowest recorded price of $11.99 according to That means that once again you’re getting a good deal on the preview game (sale price at $12, lowest price ever at $10.80) and everything else will be bonus. I don’t own Stardew Valley, and have heard great things, so I might resub for next month.


Thanks for the thoughts. I’ll stick with it, I hate missing out more than spending $12.


I was on the fence about this month before finally putting it in at the last minute. Grim Dawn and Hotline Miami 2 for $12 is a solid deal, so I’m pretty content. I haven’t heard of most of the others, but maybe they’ll be decent bonuses.

Definitely out for next month though, since I already have Stardew Valley.


I was too lazy to get around to cancelling this one (because I already have Grim Dawn). I’m glad I didn’t, however: three wish-listed games isn’t too shabby.


I honestly don’t know when or how I paid early for this Monthly, and if I’d had more time to track it down, I would have cancelled it. But I’m glad I didn’t because Slime Rancher!

AND I’m in for Stardew Valley.


November is pretty good although I have a few of them already:

Stardew Valley
Broforce (fantastic game)
Rebel Galaxy
Beyond eyes
Styx: Master of shadows
Kathy rain
Pirate pop plus &
Keyboard sports

The early game for next month is dragons dogma.