Humble Bundles are now awesome again


Glad I unsubscribed last month but oh man Dragon’s Dogma might be worth it.


That’s three off my wishlist!


I already have Broforce (totally fantastic), Styx and Rebel Galaxy, so this is the first bundle in which I’ve kinda struck out. Looking forward to Stardew though.


What a great bundle! Beyond Eyes, Broforce, and Rebel Galaxy were all games that I was interested in. That’s in addition to Stardew Valley which alone was worth the price of this month’s bundle for me.

The others I’ve never heard of before but will check them out too.


Damn. I meant to subscribe but I forgot. Damn it. I would have loved to have Rebel Galaxy on the PC. And I was semi-curious about Stardew Valley because of word of mouth here.

Dragon’s Dogma is going to be another tough choice. I absolutely hated the demo on the 360. But then so did a lot of people on Qt3 who ended up getting the game and loving it.


Correct, I will be subbing just for that !


Hah, I already own DD on both the PS3 and PC, but I’ll keep my subscription regardless. It’s such a good game you guys.


It’s a frustrating model. I would totally have done $12 for just Stardew Valley + Kathy Rain, but there’s no way I’m going to subscribe blind when the hit rate for bundles I really want is a couple of times a year.

But clearly they’ve found an audience that’s large enough to be worth serving in perpetuity. Judging from Steamspy graphs, it’s probably about 50k-60k subscribers. Too bad Steamspy only gives three months of history; would be really interesting to whether there’s a trendline, and how much variance there is based on the headline game.


I’m glad I wasn’t subscribed this month. Stardew Valley is the only thing I would have wanted, and it wasn’t a $12 game for me.

I am subbing for next month though, as Dragon’s Dogma is a wishlist game for me and $12 is about $5 cheaper than I’ve seen it anywhere else.

I think Humble Monthlies are going to boil down to that for me from here on out. If the preview game is one I want at a price that’s lower than previous sale prices, I’m in on just the strength of that one game and will treat anything else received as a bonus.


I think that’s the only reasonable approach for someone with any sort of substance to their Steam library. Which is a shame because I already had Stardew Valley but would have liked to receive most of the rest of this month’s bundle if I had been told what was in it.


Thought for a minute that I’d forgotten to pause my subscription in time. Turns out that I did. Good thing, too, as I already own Broforce and Rebel Galaxy, and have no interest in Stardew Valley.

I’m in this month for Dragon’s Dogma.


On the plus side for you it does seem like an appearance in the Humble Monthly tends to signal further appearances in sales and bundles for included games in the following weeks. For example, within a couple of months of being the featured Humble Monthly game, Mad Max went on sale for $9.99, then dropped to $7.49 and hit an all-time low of $6.79 recently on GMG.

Dungeon of the Endless, Planetary Annihilation : Titans, Avernum : Crystal Souls, Hotline Miami 2 and The Banner Saga have all been “reveal” games in recent months, and all have gone on sale and/or seen inclusion in other bundles in the weeks since being in Humble Monthly.


Yep. Looks like somebody in the giveaway thread will enjoy them as well.


I grabbed the latest Humble Unreal Bundle.

I wasn’t interested in the $1 tier, but the BTA tier has Adr1ft, that space game that’s supposedly for VR, but I figured it could be fun without ER. And it also has that gorgeous Vanishing of Ethan Carter game.

I’ve never heard of the game “The Culling” which is in the $10 tier, plus it’s early access, so I don’t care about it either way until it’s been released.


It’s basically a multiplayer Hunger Games type of thing. Except I -think- it’s been themed as a reality TV show. I have less than zero interest.


It’s supposed to be very good. I went with the $10 tier.


Since this appears to be the general Humble thread now: Humble Store now allows you to redirect 5% of your purchase price away from charity and to a personal wallet as store credit. On its face I don’t like the concept but perhaps the numbers bear out enough additional sales to make up the “lost” donations (I doubt it).


Looks like Humble changed the way the 10% off coupons work for the monthly. It used to be that if you bought the “Humble Whatever Bundle” and received a 10% off coupon for Humble Monthly, it would apply if you subscribed, even if you’d previously subscribed then quit for a couple months. Now it appears to only apply for brand new Humble Monthly folks who’ve never purchased a monthly in the past.

The $1.20 difference isn’t a game changer, I’m still getting Dragon’s Dogma : Dark Arisen for $12, which is as cheap as it was in the recent Steam Sale, so I’m happy. Just posting this here in case it plays into anyone else’s decision to purchase either a standard bundle or the monthly.


Must have changed very very recently, because I wasn’t expecting it to apply when I signed back up for Dragon’s Dogma and it did, and that was just like a week ago, maybe a little less. They’ve always said it’s for new subscribers only, though.


Crossposting from the Bargain Thread…

Yogscast Jingle Jam 2016 is live on Humble Bundle. Watch the Yogscast crew play a metric poopton of games all month, and if you like, pay $30 for 36 games. 100% of your $30 goes to charity.

The bundle went live today with games like Kholat, Guilty Gear XX, BIT.TRIP Runner2, Psychonauts and Back to Bed, and they will reveal another game each day for the next 30 days.