Humble Bundles are now awesome again


Not really excited for any of those games per se, but I always donate to the Jingle Jam. Love the december streams and content as well!


Last chance to get in on the current monthly bundle, it closes in 1 hour!


For once I’m actually going to follow my rule again. I’m not ready for Dragon’s Dogma, time-wise, so no monthly bundle for me.


I think you should hold a boot camp where you train people to buy games responsibly. Charge $200 a head and you’ll still save people money :-)


My first time signing up for the monthly and surprisingly I only had one game!

Games are:
Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen
The Escapists + 4 DLC packs
Western Press + DLC
The Flame in the Flood
Minion Masters


Holy shit, while I already had Dragon’s Dogma, I REALLY WANTED Mordheim and Flame and the Flood! Super great bundle!


I second @BrianRubin’s excremental exclamation! I DID buy in this month expecting (as has happened to me in the past) to basically just get the preview game, Dragon’s Dogma, for a good price and be disappointed in the rest. NO SIR! Mordheim is a fantastic bonus, and then Flame in the Flood on top of that is amazing. I don’t own Escapists either and have heard good things, so I am very pleased this month! $12.00 well spent.

Warhammer : End Times - Vermintide is the preview game for next month. Yet another game I am interested in at a price I am willing to pay…though I may hold off to see what it goes for in the upcoming Xmas sales before pulling the Humble Monthly trigger.


Damnnit… I also wanted Flame in the Flood, lol.

This is my punishment for not subbing. :p

** If anyone doesn’t want Flame in the Flood, PM me to discuss trade options.

** was able to snag a spare copy from someone over on Ngaf for $3. :D


Me too. But I already had Dragon’s Dogma. Mordheim may be good too.


Three more games to remove from my wish list and add to my backlog, lol


Thirded! That’s a really nice lineup. I’m out for next month though, since I don’t have much interest in Vermintide.


So not wasted on me! Keep 'em coming!


I keep accidentally failing to unsubscribe every month and it keeps paying off! Thrilled to get Flame & the Flood.


I dropped again for next month because I already own Vermintide, but I only owned Hacknet of this month’s lot and Flame and the Flood, Mordheim and The Escapists (which I thought I already owned but I guess not on Steam) were all wishlist items on top of Dragon’s Dogma to start. So not too shabby.


Does next months Vermintide come with all the DLC?


Purely speculation - the Humble site says the MSRP is $41.97. Right now on steam, the base game is $29.99, and the DLC’s are $8.99 and $2.99. Which happens to equal $41.97. So, I’m guessing yes but they don’t explicitly say so.


According to Reddit, it only come with the Schluesselschloss DLC and The Outsider DLC, 3 keys in total.


I picked it up and can confirm this.


I found out through the Space Hulk livestream that Warhammer: Vermentide (that’s the featured game in the Humble Monthly next month) is a Left 4 Dead type of game. So as someone who didn’t enjoy Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, I think I can safely ignore this bundle.

Only a few hours left until that bundle goes live I believe.


Ditto, watched some Youtube videos of Vermintide in action, and decided I wasn’t interested. Skipped this monthly bundle.