Humble Bundles are now awesome again


Vermintide is fun, but not as fun as L4D1/2 was.


Depends on why you didn’t enjoy them. For me, it was the complete lack of character differentiation, progression, etc, all of which Vermintide offers in spades.


The constant stream of enemies was one. I never felt in control at any point. I hated the feel of all the weapons in the game, so I didn’t enjoy any of the gunplay. Running around was very fast, too fast and floaty. It never felt substantial, grounded in reality. Rescuing my friends when they were down never felt substantial either. It all just felt very video-gamey, very artificial, very panicked, very hurried, with weird pew pew weapons that never felt satisfying. Tom is fond of saying “doesn’t co-op make every game better?” And Left 4 Dead is my counter to that question. Even co-op can’t improve a game where you don’t enjoy the fundamental moment-to-moment gameplay.


Vermintide is probably not for you, then. You might like some of the feel better but the constant stream of enemies in particular is very similar.


Random question - does anyone know why the monthly bundle releases its goodies on the 6th of each month? Someone asked me and I just shrugged my shoulders and said that must be what the gaming gods decided on.


Date varies but it’s always the first Friday of the month.


When do they usually reveal the first game of the next bundle?


There was one month I think they waited until the 8th actually, but that is their plan.

@robc04 - When they release this bundle.


It’s up.

Warhammer : Vermintide
Project Cars
Jotun : Valhalla Edition
Neon Chrome
Mother Russia Bleeds
Legend of Heroes : Trails in the Sky

Not a bad haul at all. I was in for Vermintide, but will enjoy Jotun, Neon Chrome and Project Cars as well. I’ve heard great things about Legend of Heroes, so I’m looking forward to that as well.

And damn you HumbleBundle, next month early unlock is XCOM 2, so it looks like I’ll be staying subbed for month 3!


Bleah. Looks like I’m giving some keys away.


Months like this are why I stay subscribed as ”insurance”. Vermintide looked mediocre but I’d be bummed about missing the revealed games.


This was a great bundle for me, I had Warhammer: Vermintide, Jotun, Neon Chrome, Mother Russia Bleeds, and Trails in the Sky on my wishlist.


Great Bundle for me as well, I only owned Neon Chrome (which is AMAZING by the by).

Might buy in early for XCOM 2 because wow.


Indeed! Best one in a while.


It’s funny, because I was thinking “Boy I’m glad I didn’t get that one!” That’s what’s great, so many different games for different people.


This was my first month, and I was planning on getting Vermintide anyway, so…

I’ve heard of none of these games except Project Cars, which I have no interest in. I’m underwhelmed. I’ll give Neon Chrome a try, I suppose.


Glad I skipped this one, as Jotun was the only one I would have been interested in. XCOM 2 next month is enough to get me to buy in though.


Wasn’t XCOM 2 going for $30 still in the last Steam sale? So yeah, that’s a pretty good lead in. This month would have been a total waste for me though, so I am glad I skipped.


The value is always relative to what you already own, but I do like the recent trend of putting some more recent and acclaimed titles up as the lead-in. For much of 2016 I was disappointed in the bundles, but by this time next month I’ll have spent $36 (3 months) and will own at least half a dozen games I would have picked up some point this year in various sales:

  • Dragon’s Dogma : Dark Arisen
  • Mordheim : City of the Damned
  • The Flame in the Flood
  • Warhammer : End Times - Vermintide
  • Jotun : Valhalla Edition
  • XCOM 2
  • plus hopefully at least one more in the upcoming XCOM 2 bundle

That’s $5-$6 per game (for the ones I would have eventually bought anyway), a bargain by any standards.

I’m still month-to-month though. If a dud comes up as the lead-in game, I’m out for the month.


XCOM2? yes pls