Humble Bundles are now awesome again


Already paid early for the next bundle. XCOM 2 for $12 is a no-brainer.


In for XCOM2, this might be their biggest selling bundle to date!

I’d be salty if I bought XCOM2, last week during the winter sales for double the price.


Definitely signing up for the first time to get XCOM2


I am so thankful to get XCOM2 for $12.


With XCOM2 being the lead in for next month, I pretty much don’t care if this month was considered good or not. Even at $24 (ie., this month plus next month) just for XCOM2 is still worth it.


All you have to pay is $12, not $24. January’s bundle is already too late to purchase. XCOM 2 is part of the February bundle.

If you’re already a subscriber of the monthly bundle, then you can pay early for February to get XCOM 2 now, then you’ll get the rest of the games a month from now. Or if you’re not a subscriber, you can subscribe now to get XCOM 2.


No no. I meant that even if I felt this month was a total bust, I can just rationalize that ‘wasted’ $12 into next month’s haul and consider Feb. a one-off $24 bundle. And with XCOM2, seeing as it was in nearly everyone’s top 5/10 list for 2016, I still come out ahead. I just can’t seem to get my thoughts into cohesive words.


I got what you were saying the first time Daagar.


No worries. It is Friday, brain disengaged a while back so clarity can be compromised :)


I get it now. Thx.


I’ll freely admit I haven’t been paying attention, but could someone answer a dumb question: if I wanted XCOM 2, can I just pony up $12 for the subscription, get the game, then cancel out? Or is that kind of gaming the system disallowed?


You can cancel and join whenever and as many times as you’d like.

They try and get people to commit to multiple months with a small subscription discount.


Sweet! XCOM 2 here I come!


I would argue that you should cancel every month unless your library is small and your wishlist large enough that you have a reasonable expectation of getting $12 worth of games every time. That is super not the case for me.


Agreed. I only “subscribe” when the lead-in revealed game is one I consider a good deal at $12. I then cancel if the next reveal is something I am uninterested in. I’ve been fence-hopping like that since the very first Humble Monthly, so not only is it allowed, but as @malkav11 says, it’s just smart money if your library is already fairly large.

That said, they’ve had 3 lead-in games in a row (Dragon’s Dogma, Warhammer : Vermintide and now XCOM2) that have enticed me to stay subscribed. The last few bundles have been some of the strongest since they started the program.


Well geez, kind of have to wonder why it’s a subscription based package in the first place if it’s so easy to get into and out of, but so much the better for us I suppose.


The bundles are very well curated. They are consistently high quality and feature games from multiple genres each time, so if you’re just starting out with your digital games library collection backlog subscribing for 6 months or a year gets you a ton of nice games and lowers the monthly cost of the bundles.

Since my backlog is now larger than I will ever realistically be able to complete, I have to be a bit more selective and just ride month-to-month. =)


Yes, if this were my first rodeo I think I would agree - but it’s not the quality of games in the bundle I question, rather if I don’t actually have all the games already, or at least enough to make the $12 price attractive.


Welcome to the fence then! It’s nice here, we have cookies.


Oh, you got a cookie fence? Deal me in!